Advance Your Career through Extensive Training and Development

Advance Your Career through Extensive Training and Development

Teleperformance - 06.06.2023

At Teleperformance, our training programs continue to set the best standards, whether it is delivered face-to-face, virtually, or through eLearning.

When COVID-19 hit the world, Teleperformance is one of the earliest companies that shifted to virtual training programs. We developed our trainers’ skills to meet the needs and kept the business going.  We had certified 6,694 trainers with an emergency certification during the pandemic. Since then, we have been improving our virtual training, which has been an essential pillar in learning and development.

A Quick Look at our Learning and Development Programs

We prepare our future and current trainers through two programs at Teleperformance, developed by Global Learning and Development Team:


The JUMP! program encourages internal promotions by preparing employees for the job they want. JUMP! teaches and provides trainees with the basic skills that can get them hired for the role. Our focus on internal development means our internal promotion rate is 60%.

Foundations Program:

The Foundations program is for newly promoted employees, allowing them to develop their skills further and be trained on the skills required for them to excel in their roles.

We recently launched an updated Virtual Trainer Certification, which certifies that our trainers can deliver virtual training as part of our JUMP Program. It also certifies that our current trainers can deliver face-to-face training and move to virtual delivery. During the program pilot, we were able to certify trainers across different countries.

The program includes:

-  eLearning that discusses basic skills of delivery, and different virtual delivery tools and techniques

- Workshops that discuss skills learned and live examples of virtual delivery

- Scenario-based assessment

Finally, the trainers are certified to deliver virtually once they have completed all required training, and have been certified by one of the Teleperformance Certifiers by passing the Teleperformance Training Observation form for virtual delivery.

JUMP! and FOUNDATIONS programs are available for all Teleperformance employees for enrollment. At the end of each year, we recognize best practices and innovative solutions through our Global Training Inspire Awards Ceremony.

Go further and be inspired to make the most of your career! Get to know our training and development programs and learn more about Teleperformance today.

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