AI Customer Experience

AI Customer Experience: Powering the Highest Level of Service

Teleperformance - 08.12.2022

AI customer experience has truly made an impact on how we live our daily lives. Nowadays, the simplest click of a button can open up a wide range of possibilities – the world is truly at our fingertips, with technology continuing to power how we interact and connect with one another, buy or sell products, or reach out to brands whenever we require service or support. Therefore, customer experience (CX) that is powered by artificial intelligence has become transformative for most companies.

What is AI Customer Experience?

The next generation of CX is powered by AI. This is made possible by the emergence of improved AI technologies such as conversational AI, intelligent automation, and Computer Vision – all of which can reap exceptional results for both brands and their customers.

AI customer experience refers to how CX can be enhanced by artificial intelligence. Most times, augmented reality, machine learning, design thinking, deep learning, and natural language processing/natural language understanding applications are utilized to positively impact the experience of customers. The right harmony between these technologies can pave brands to better improve interactions for their customers, make every experience effortless, offer proactive solutions to their customers’ issues, promptly address inquiries, and encourage an omnichannel presence based on the channel preference of customers.

These emerging technologies continue to play a role in creating seamless customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Simpler, Faster, Safer CX Through AI and the Human Touch

It’s clear that we will continue to see the growth of AI – as well as other technologies – as it proves its role in elevating the customer experience. Working together, AI can accelerate business transformation, simplify business processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

With over forty years of experience in elevating CX, Teleperformance has delivered simpler, faster, and safer customer experiences through technology. Our expertise in the industry has allowed us to better understand customers, giving us a strong head start in developing and creating the right AI technology that will resonate effectively with customers. Our AI operations are powered by our high-tech, high-touch approach which blends the best technology with the human touch of our employees to create meaningful interactions with customers.

At Teleperformance, we constantly use technology to assist and empower our people, creating better customer experiences through the following:

  • TP Recommender: machine learning-based predictive analytics tool
  • Digital Floor Walker: virtual assistant for front-line experts
  • TP Interact: interaction analytics providing accurate and actionable insights
  • TP Wallet: a secured payment solution

Teleperformance continues to address changing business needs and customer expectations. We have built next-generation, industry-focused solutions that harness the power of automation, analytics, speech and sentiment analytics, and AI-powered RPA solutions. To clients, the benefits are clear:

  • Seamless interaction between brands and customers
  • Data and analytics paving the way for brands to understand customers better, offering proactive solutions
  • Significant improvement for brands as a result of AI customer experience creating dynamic and personalized customer connections

Because of this, Teleperformance has become the trusted partner of the world’s most transformational brands in the retail, FMCG, healthcare, and logistics industries.

Furthermore, Teleperformance has assisted our clients with a variety of data and AI operations-related services including data labeling, data classification, and data governance. As a result, we have helped clients improve their numbers, and increase accuracy by providing reliable and precise AI algorithms.

Make every experience count. Support your customers better and create connections that invite brand loyalty and satisfaction. Leverage the power of technology, AI Operations and the human touch, powered by Teleperformance.
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