Airline Digital Transformation: Digital Channels are Lifting Off

Airline Digital Transformation: Digital Channels are Lifting Off

Teleperformance - 05.17.2023

In a highly competitive airlines sector, the role of digital channels continues to be pivotal, according to the Teleperformance Business Insights Lab Global Insights Survey in which nearly 87,000 consumer interviews were conducted across 20 sectors and 16 countries. The survey asked consumers across topics that range from channel preferences and metrics, including more than 4,800 airline customers[1].

With Millennials and Gen Z quickly becoming today’s most frequent travelers, airline customers are increasingly turning to digital channels. According to the Business Insights Lab survey, the number of contact channels used by travelers skyrocketed compared to pre-pandemic times, with airlines experiencing the highest increase among all sectors analyzed in our global survey. Chatbots and other live conversational channels like text messages, instant messaging platforms, or live chat on the brands’ websites or mobile apps observed the most resounding growth since 2019. Travelers increasingly contact airlines through their mobile apps, with the Teleperformance Business Insights Lab reporting a 29% increase since 2019. Video continues to slowly gain traction – 7% of travelers who contacted airlines used video to interact or seek help. Of these, 45% sent a video to the airline company to explain their issue or concern.

Traditional channels, such as voice and email/web form, are still widely used by travelers. Yet, nearly 70% of travelers who contacted the same airline company before and after the pandemic say their interactions have changed.  24% percent of these travelers mentioned they are trying new channels to contact airlines, and 26% mentioned that they use more self-help options.

As travelers become more digital, airline digital transformation is crucial in enabling flexible and frictionless support to travelers. “One of the most significant changes in the travel industry since the pandemic is the growing demand for flexibility among travelers. This includes a demand for more diverse contact options and travelers’ rising preference for digital channels that provide flexibility in how they receive help and support,” said Rahul Jolly, President of Global Travel and Hospitality at Teleperformance. “Building out and enhancing support capabilities across emerging digital channels can help airlines differentiate themselves, provide positive experiences.”

Teleperformance and Airline Digital Transformation

Expedite support and address the growing demand for digital interactions during busy travel seasons. Enable frictionless interactions through automated and digital self-help channels to meet travelers where they are.

With decades-long experience in the travel and hospitality industry, Teleperformance delivers the most advanced, digitally powered business services to help airline companies streamline their business in meaningful and sustainable ways. Our high-tech, high-touch approach strikes the right balance between the latest technologies and human empathy to make people’s lives simpler, faster, and safer.

As a global digital business services company, Teleperformance combines the most advanced solutions with data analytics and disciplined processes to help companies accelerate airline digital transformation and run better. 

Understand the evolving traveler better through data-driven insights, powered by the Teleperformance Business Insights Lab!



[1] Online survey conducted of 4,803 airline customers across 16 countries between August and September 2022.  Survey participants booked their flights and completed travel within the 12-month period preceding the survey date.  Survey conducted following ICC/ESOMAR guidelines, with a sample population representative of general population for age and gender.

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