Announcing the 2022 TP Botathon Winners

Announcing the 2022 TP Botathon Winners

Teleperformance - 11.09.2022

With the constant change in technology and the way people work, Teleperformance consistently looks for ways to be on top of the game. To remain at the forefront of our industry, we understand that we must innovate, adapt, and evolve based on changes in customer behavior. Listening to our client's and employees' ideas is one great way of identifying what we need to do for us to improve our services. Through the combination of our workforce, CX analytics, and artificial intelligence, we can create solutions that are world-class and revolutionary.

We value constant innovation and inspire constant collaboration. By doing so, we move forward and create better connections with our employees. We prioritize the growth and development of our employees, giving them room to harness their skills, develop their talents, and spark their interests. At Teleperformance, we create a two-way communication with the pulse of our organization – our employees – so that we know what we can do to continuously make Teleperformance a best workplace for our people.

Empowering Employees

Where do we get information on processes that need to be improved? The best place to get it is from the source itself: our front-line employees and client feedback. Our people on the front-line work with our systems and could navigate through them with their eyes closed. They could identify the pros and cons to ensure services of the highest standard to our clients.

Teleperformance recognizes our homegrown talents. With their creative minds and great ideas, they provided us with the best solutions that utilize intelligent automation and artificial intelligence through TP Botathon!

The Next Level of Awesomeness: TP Botathon

To kickstart TP Botathon, Teleperformance invited passionate visionaries from our subsidiaries around the globe to compete with the best of the best and create collaborative solutions that could be the next innovation for our technological advancement.

Out of 600 project entries submitted and that competed worldwide, three proposals were announced as winners. The key to winning this year's Botathon was geared towards structured automation frameworks, generating realistic return on investment, and following the global essential compliance security policies (GESCP). We are pleased to present the winners of this year’s TP Botathon winners:

1st Place
Mildred Maagma, Billy Walker, Vivardhan Thoguparthy, Brandon Graybeal, Lauren Baron, Veronica Villafuerte (CTSS) – “Improving Employee Experience through Login Credentials creation and CCMS Photo Upload Automation”

2nd Place
Riyaan Brink (UK&SA) – “Attendance Management”

3rd Place
Seth Rojano Arcilla, Rose Anne Duque, Arlene Dimapilis (APAC) – “AS Frequent Contact Bot”

As digital transformation continues drive us all forward, embracing key emerging technologies is key to creating simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Through TP Botathon, we have a platform where our employees’ ideas and talents can shine. With this, our employees are one step closer towards the future of automation – allowing them to gain valuable skills needed for the future of work.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s TP Botathon!

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