Are Digital Expectations Transforming the Future of Consumer Electronics?

Are Digital Expectations Transforming the Future of Consumer Electronics?

Marina Netto - 04.01.2022

Electronic consumer devices are now ubiquitous – almost everyone has at least one, and usually more. From desktop computers to laptops and tablets, these devices are now accepted as an integral part of both our work and personal life. But the companies providing these products are not delivering a great experience.

The Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) recently published a detailed white paper on consumer electronics based on the results of the latest global CX Survey to better understand consumer behavior across 13 countries analyzed.

Survey results show that there is an enormous opportunity in this industry, both to improve the way that customers are supported and the way that consumer electronics are discovered and purchased. Brands that can improve the entire customer journey – from consumer purchase to providing ongoing support – have this opportunity because the average levels of customer support are very low.

This does have a dramatic effect on client retention. Customers with a positive experience are 15% more likely to repurchase from the same brand than those not contacting support. In turn, customers with a negative experience are 26% less likely to buy again.

Consumer electronics is ripe for disruption. Brands are using self-service as a deflection strategy rather than a strategic differentiator. We can see that when self-service works well, it improves the customer experience, but it is rarely deployed this way.

During the pandemic, consumers became more dependent on devices for work and home. This momentum of increased technology adoption in the household favored consumers’ purchase intention for laptops, desktops, and tablets with over 1⁄4 of customers planning to buy a new device despite the intention to decrease spending in other areas.

Growing online shopping and D2C (direct to consumer) sales will likely continue driving interactions directly to brands and reduce retailer involvement. However, brands that wish to seize the opportunity to maximize margins and strengthen customer engagement will need to transform and re-think their CX strategy.

Please click here to download and read the Teleperformance CX Lab's white paper on consumer electronics.

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