Assessing the Potential of Generative AI

Assessing the Potential of Generative AI

Teleperformance - 12.15.2023

Generative AI has been gaining a lot of traction since late last year after OpenAI launched ChatGPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), a generative AI interface that is capable of producing content such as images, code, or audio using machine learning to generate conversational and natural responses to text prompts. Today, more companies are beginning to understand the value of generative AI – it can be integral in allowing agents to provide expedited support, as generative AI can automate processes through bots and virtual assistants who can gather the correct responses to queries from pre-trained knowledge bases.

In our latest LinkedIn Live discussion, Sid Mukherjee, Chief Digital Officer at Teleperformance, hosted a very insightful discussion with Peter Ryan, BPO and CX Research Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory. The two talked about generative AI – its potential, its challenges, and how to bridge the gap between humanized interactions and AI.

Generative AI: The Current State

The hype surrounding generative AI is ongoing as it continues to peak. However, not everyone is ready to jump on the generative AI bandwagon. Are companies prepared to see organizations mature in adopting AI at an enterprise scale, or is it still too early at this time?

“The reality is that we're still very much at a point where these technologies are nascent from a CX angle,” Ryan commented. “And in my view, these technologies have the fundamental premise of changing how CX will be done. Let's be very clear on that. But we're still very much at that level of nascency. What will be interesting for me and my colleagues in the industry analyst game will be to see how this evolves. In many cases, the expectations about how something will evolve rarely actually go free to form. And it could take an entirely different angle at a different approach.”

Its Potential Role in Customer Service

In the discussion, it was mentioned that generative AI is still five to 10 years away from seeing industry-wide adoption. However, the customer service industry can benefit significantly from generative AI’s potential, where AI can truly help assist humans in dealing with complex situations.


Imagine what a knowledge management system powered by AI could do in terms of developing a consumer interaction, whether on the telephone or digitally, to make sure that an agent has everything that they need to serve somebody efficiently, and certainly do so in a warm manner. – Peter Ryan


Leveraging the power of generative AI not only means more satisfied customers, but it's going to mean more satisfied agents. And how does this affect a company overall? “More satisfied agents stay in their roles longer, they do it better, and that means more long-term stickiness with the client that might be working with the BPO, and certainly – in terms of the consumer,” explained Ryan.

Learn more about generative AI today by watching our Live featuring Sid and Peter by clicking here.

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