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At the Forefront of Technology: TP Wins AI Excellence Award

Teleperformance - 06.22.2022

As business continuity became the focal point for organizations in the midst of a global pandemic, the need to be at the forefront of technology has clearly heightened. The “new normal” became a catalyst for business transformation. Thus, harnessing AI and automation has become a must, as these technologies have proven that they can empower business capabilities and enhance the value of services across various industries.

AI and automation continue to fuel organizations’ business transformation efforts. At Teleperformance, we understand how AI and automation can drive cost efficiency, improve business processes, and promote accuracy. As a global leader in customer experience management, we know how these technologies can simplify the stages of the customer journey, allow operations flexibility, and improve CX overall. For four decades, Teleperformance has constantly evolved to create simpler, faster, and safer interactions.

We truly recognize the need to utilize technologies in order to take integrated customer experience to the next level. This is why we are always honored every time our digital capabilities and solutions are recognized globally. It is with gratitude that we announce another milestone has been reached: Teleperformance has been recognized at the BPO Innovation Summit and Awards 2022 in India, winning the “Artificial Intelligence Excellence” category for TP Recommender.

Teleperformance’s proprietary AI tool TP Recommender is a human and cognitive suite based on advanced analytics and conversational AI. TP Recommender harnesses the power of predictive analytics to help predict customer behavior, as well as drive better business insights obtained from customer interactions.

This award reflects Teleperformance’s expertise in latest and emerging technologies, as well as our capability to deliver intelligent solutions that can help clients continuously adapt to today’s business environment while delivering exceptional customer experience. We are truly pleased to witness our hardworking teams in India position themselves at the forefront of technology, and be recognized in the industry for its ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence.

Congratulations to our teams in India for another award in the bag! We are extremely proud of what you have accomplished, and we look forward to more milestones to unlock in the future. We are #ProudtobeTP!

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