Empowering Digital Transformation

Automation Empowering Digital Transformation

Teleperformance - 10.28.2021

Empowering Digital transformation played an integral role in solidifying an organization’s business continuity strategies, especially after a disruptive year filled with extreme challenges for businesses and brands around the world. Presently, the spotlight is on the numerous benefits of empowering digital transformation, as well as in its potential in strengthening and empowering the workforce in today’s new normal. According to an infographic published by PEGA, the urgency for transformation has increased after the pandemic, with 62% of businesses surveyed stating that they have placed digital transformation as a top priority, and 56% saying they are planning to increase their investment on digital transformation.

As organizations reevaluate their stance and strategies on empowering digital transformation, automation continues to be a key driver in accelerating their digital transformation efforts. It’s easy to see why, as automation can:

It is also cost-efficient and when implemented with careful planning and execution – it complements the workforce, allowing them to learn new and complex skills that add more value to their work.

Automation at the Core of Business Transformation Strategy

Automation is finally getting long-overdue attention, especially in India, where 50% of businesses are predicted to deploy intelligent automation by 2024. According to a study commissioned by Automation Anywhere, the future can be seen with automation at the forefront of transformation as robotic process automation (RPA) adoption rates will increase by 57% in the next year. Automation Anywhere Executive Vice President in the IMEA, Milan Sheth, shares that, “Automation is at the core of any business transformation strategy, and two out of every three customers today are starting that journey in the cloud. Cloud RPA is the future, enabling remote work, reducing the burden on IT resources, and lowering infrastructure costs.”

Teleperformance is proud to partner with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in intelligent automation and RPA, as innovation further driving us forward. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Automation Anywhere supports the world’s top companies across various industries through its RPA platforms, enabling them to streamline operations, improve performance, increase business agility and drive, overall empowering digital transformation.

Learn more about the Teleperformance and Automation Anywhere partnership in our recent LinkedIn Live event featuring Milan Sheth and Teleperformance’s Global Head of Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™), Sid Mukherjee.

Join Milan and Sid as they discus all things automation from where the automation industry is headed and how Automation Anywhere helped Teleperformance reduce average handling time (AHT) by 30% and human error by 60% (for a bank in LATAM) to the two big things that are changing the world of automation, what’s up with hyperautomation, and the future of RPA and complex transactions.

Watch the LinkedIn Live by clicking here.


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