Award-winning Performance: Redefining the Customer Journey in the Metaverse

Award-winning Performance: Redefining the Customer Journey in the Metaverse

Teleperformance - 09.15.2023

As the future continues to unfold, Teleperformance is taking the lead in the metaverse – whether it’s diving into the future of gaming and eSports, or by exploring unlimited possibilities of the metaverse through our Teleperformance Innovation Experience Centers all over the world. With a strong focus on combining the most advanced solutions with data analytics and disciplined processes to help companies transform and run better, we are able to help organizations adapt to change and master the future.


As the metaverse shows the potential of becoming a channel of choice, Teleperformance is continuously exploring virtual spaces by designing customer journeys that embrace new customer touchpoints that are created by a growing metaverse economy.  This next-generation strategy implements seamless omnichannel integration at scale, allowing brands to develop new capabilities and reach their evolving customers, create a better metaverse experience, and navigate virtual environments.


For over four decades, Teleperformance has guided our clients in creating end-to-end, frictionless experiences that result in more connected experiences for customers. As a company that evolves and adapts, we have become a trusted partner and a global leader, offering digital business services to the world’s most recognized brands. Our passion for innovation never wavers, inspiring us to achieve and accomplish so much more. Because of this, we are truly proud to be the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Global Company of the Year Award, recognized for demonstrating leadership in the metaverse industry.


In its report, Frost & Sullivan stated that “Teleperformance helps brands to explore the metaverse with a strong leadership focus.” Furthermore, the report also mentioned key Teleperformance highlights and capabilities, such as client-centric strategies, cutting-edge trust and safety practices, world-class implementation at scale, and dedicated customer success teams.


“Frost & Sullivan applauds Teleperformance for its unique ability to create effective processes that enhance internal client workflows while balancing technology and human resources. Its thorough approach positions Teleperformance as a partner of choice, meeting customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations as clients value the top performance and business impact of their complete customer journey,” said Valentina Barcia, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.


With the metaverse expanding into a huge commercial marketplace, Teleperformance continues to be ready in offering strategic support to forward-thinking organizations that have already tapped into the metaverse, or those looking to connect and reach consumers in a new virtual space.


Congratulations to our global teams for this recognition! May we continue to innovate and continue achieving more milestones together. #ProudtobeTP


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