Beyond Business: Coronavirus Reminds Us We’re All Human, and in This Together

Beyond Business: Coronavirus Reminds Us We’re All Human, and in This Together

Teleperformance - 03.16.2020

As coronavirus permeates all aspects of our lives, it has become much more than just another Swine Flu or SARs outbreak. 

It spreads quickly and doesn’t discriminate – readily infecting anyone it can regardless of ethnicity, social status, or political affiliation. It has become a true human equalizer forcing us all to forget our differences because we now have a single, common adversary – COVID-19. This crisis has now extended beyond business disruption – it’s now become an unprecedented life disruptor.

Travel to and from certain parts of the world has been banned. Entire countries have been put on lockdown. Hard-working people from all cultures and religions are facing employment uncertainty. Millions of children around the globe are now home from school. Financial markets are echoing this social roller coaster through historic, sudden drops and rebounds. Governments are invoking disaster recovery plans and measures. Entire industries have been upended.

So, while business continuity and client support remain high priorities for us here at Teleperformance - and always will – it’s the 330,000 people that work within the TP family that are on our minds and in our hearts during this extraordinary time for humanity. Our employees are the soul of who we are and what we do. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children and friends to those around them. So, nothing is more important than offering them the same empathy, compassion, and support they show our clients and customers each and every day.

Caring for people is what we do here. It’s in our DNA, and in how we’ve always defined Teleperformance. Human compassion, care, and dignity have never been needed more. So, at this time of great uncertainty, anxiety, and upheaval, we want our people to know that our foremost thoughts are with them -- and their families.

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our TP family. I am committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our TP familySo, let’s expand that sentiment throughout all of our daily lives – not just at work. We all have the ability to make a difference for someone else – even those we don’t directly know. Our personal choices and actions really do have an impact. And that extra consideration is critical because, at our very core, we’re all struggling with the same questions, concerns, and uncertainties.  

So, let’s take care of each other. Let’s be human together. And let’s remember that no one within our extended Teleperformance family is facing this crisis alone.

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