Beyond Labels: Teleperformance Pride in Decentraland

Beyond Labels: Teleperformance Pride in Decentraland

Teleperformance Alumni - 06.20.2022

Teleperformance launched its Pride 2022 activities in leading metaverse platform, Decentraland, last June 11, 2022. Lucky attendees received Pride-themed NFT wearables given away during the inaugural virtual event. Attendants were also treated to Decentraland-wide music performances, Pride parade featuring colorful floats—including TP’s own—and other exciting activities.

The fun doesn’t end there! There are a lot of immersive activities lined up throughout the month-long celebration. The community and their allies can attend parties, festivals, fashion shows, and panel talks on various LGBTQI+ topics, which are hosted and curated by notable LGBTQI+ personalities. The Pride parade runs 24/7 on Decentraland until June 30, with new NFTs dropping daily for visitors.

“It is an honor to get to build the future of the internet with Decentraland, but with it comes the tremendous responsibility to ensure we’re building a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for everyone, everywhere,” says Iara Dias, Head of Metaverse Pride at Decentraland. This partnership between aims to provide a welcoming Metaverse Pride experience those in places where Pride celebrations are not accessible.

Apart from TP Pride activities online, Teleperformance employees around the world have launched awareness campaigns, talks and forums, concerts, and more to amplify the voice of the LGBTQI+ community this Pride Month and beyond.

TP Decentraland Pride 2022

Recruitment Beyond Labels

In addition, Cloud Campus’s TP Shuttle kicked off its first recruitment initiative in the metaverse for job seekers. Our TP Shuttle in Decentraland is aligned with TP’s values about diversity, inclusion, and equity ensuring that we leave no one behind. Through the TP Shuttle, our recruitment teams can reach out to potential employees wherever they are, wherever they live.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus provides a revolutionary approach for hiring, managing, and engaging remote teams while ensuring business continuity with our clients. And as a company that leverages on the latest technologies, we can continuously enhance customer and employee experience by tapping into the metaverse realm. We take pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer, an Employer of Choice, and a staunch ally to LGBTQI+ community.

TP Decentaland Pride 2022 (2)

As we strengthen our pledge to #BreakTheBias, we hope to encourage everyone to see #BeyondLabels to achieve true diversity, inclusion, and equity—both in the workplace and in digital spaces. Together, we can continue to create safe spaces for our LGBTQIA+ employees, where their achievements are celebrated.

Stay tuned for upcoming events happening in the metaverse!

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