Blazing the Trail for Empowered Leaders: Women Leading Change

Blazing the Trail for Empowered Leaders: Women Leading Change

Miranda Collard and Mamta Rodrigues - 11.16.2022

Connect. Inspire. Empower.

On November 9 and 10, TP Women proudly hosted our inaugural  Women Leading Change event that truly became a platform for connections, inspiration, and empowerment.

This event was the first of its kind and the intent – investing in ourselves and each other.

Throughout the event, we reinforced our commitment to become agents of positive change by promoting equality, empowering other women, and raising awareness on important topics surrounding diversity and inclusion. We also spoke about the important role of men and how they see women and engage in their day-to-day personally and professionally and how we encourage that dialogue increasingly more.

Hosted in sunny rainy Miami (yes we trailblazers weathered the impending hurricane and still came – if that isn’t a testament in itself, we are not sure what is!) our Women Leading Change event aimed to connect and inspire brilliant female minds. It brought powerful women leaders from the most notable and recognized brands around the world. 

These two days were marked by learning, inspiration, motivation and most importantly, bonding and creating new friendships. It was a privilege – and a joy – to be in the presence of all these incredible women who share the same vision of an equal world without borders, as we all continue to drive positive change in the lives and careers of women.

To facilitate our forum, we also invited best-selling author Marissa Orr to offer her insights and fresh perspective on diversity and female leadership during the event. A former executive at Google and Facebook, Orr discussed her truth behind women, power in the workplace and a thought-provoking keynote. As the author of the best-selling book “Lean Out,” guests of the event were able to interact, network, and participate in a discussion and Q&A that created an engaging and empowering atmosphere for the event’s attendees. The conversation encouraged all of us to reflect and ask – what IS important to ME? To US?

To further embody the event’s theme of women leading change, TP Women partnered with Lotus House, the largest shelter for women and children in the United States. Throughout the event, our guests had the opportunity to give back and create a difference in the lives of the Lotus House residents. From understanding the mission and goals, creating care packages and giving back, we were able to encourage and continue to pass the baton… We so are grateful for their efforts to make a difference in those women’s lives.

And, we are just getting started.

TP Women: Making Strides Today for a Better Tomorrow

The success of our Women Leading Change event serves as an inspiration for all of us here at TP Women. At TP Women, we see profound value in elevating important conversations that tackle and address the many challenges women face – and continuously seek ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Globally, TP Women continues to support equal opportunities and advancement of women at Teleperformance. We make strides to highlight and celebrate the many achievements of women in and out of the workplace. Here are a few of our programs:

  • Mentorship
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Awareness

With our event wrapping up, we are more motivated than ever to blaze a path towards diversity, equity and inclusion. We fortify our commitment to become agents of change. We remind ourselves that every micro interaction that we make, together, we can move mountains.

A warm thank you and love to the ladies who joined us. This is the first of many and we appreciate you, your authentic selves and the power that comes when we all come TOGETHER. May we all walk away with strengthened connections that continue to inspire us.

See you next time!

Miranda Collard & Mamta Rodrigues

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