Breaking gender norms
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Breaking gender norms

Liliana López - 05.01.2021

Pursuing a career in tech, independently of the gender, is not easy: prolonged and intense workdays, 24x7 availability, high stress levels, and a constant evolution in our fields of expertise. We are rarely the heroes in the movie. When things are going well no one seems to notice it and when things go south, we are the first ones on the spot. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that tech gear has no honor. How many family dinners, celebrations, children’s school events or even vacations we have postponed or cancelled because there was a major emergency at work?  

How many times have you seen someone next to a pool with a laptop and a headset, clearly working? I would bet that person works in IT! 

That is right, pursuing a tech career is not easy. Now imagine being successful at it and having additional responsibilities at home. There are plenty of studies pointing out that, despite the fact that women are working more than ever, we are still taking on most of household responsibilities. COVID brought additional challenges for working mothers who are juggling professional duties and family activities. 

Why to do it then? Because this is our passion, because independently of our area of expertise –Networking, IT Services, Voice Networks, IT Client Management, Information Security, or Business Automation – we are problem solvers, we are engineers, we are designers, we are developers, we are auditors.  We are whatever we choose to be. 

I have so many smart and successful colleagues, women in IT, Information Security, and Transformation who are high achievers at work and manage to live an exciting and meaningful life: travelers, scholars, wives, mothers, and sport players.  

Meet just a few of them:  

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Dishika, Lamia, Daniela, Paulina, Sisi, Maraybel
Cindy, Rachel, Paola, Connie, Marilyn, Angelica