Celebrating Inclusion: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Teleperformance - 12.02.2021

“Leave no one behind.”

This is the rallying call that drives us at Teleperformance, as we aspire for a better world where discrimination, exclusion, and inequalities are eradicated.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity have long been valued at Teleperformance, and we remain relentless on our mission to promote belonging and to leave no one behind. Embracing diversity while empowering our global workforce inspires us, and as a company that nurtures a culture of acceptance and respect, we strive to create life-changing opportunities and equal employment for all our employees through impact sourcing. Through our impact sourcing program, more than 70,000 people from minority groups or disadvantaged communities were employed by Teleperformance, from which 6,000 are employees with different types of physical and cognitive impairments.

Improving Lives, Celebrating Inclusion

As we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we strengthen our commitment to supporting the well-being and the rights of persons with disabilities, advocate for their equal employment, and give visibility to a few of their thoughts and stories. Today, we are proud—and grateful—to feature Aileen, John, Kealee, and Nathan, proud Teleperformers whom we truly admire and whose work we value.

I work at Teleperformance as an HR Assistant, which offers equal environment. I can support my family. I’m happy to see people who know finger spelling so they can communicate with me, or just the basic signs. I’m also happy to see that’s still happening, and I’m so happy for that. Whatever your skills are, the important thing is that the skill is being matched with the position you are applying for.

— Aileen, HR Associate, Teleperformance in the Philippines

I am from the HR Department, working here at Teleperformance in the Philippines. I enjoy working with the team, communicating with them, how we can plan for the project or going out or visiting other branches.

— John, HR Associate, Teleperformance in the Philippines

TPUSA Kealee Bowman Photo PWD
Working at Teleperformance has changed my life in many different ways. When I first started working at Teleperformance, I called it my first 'big girl job,' due to the fact I was working full time. As time went on, I see Teleperformance provides me a job where I can plan, save money, and more. The company has also provided me with opportunities I have wanted for a very long time. Never give up and find a job that treats you equally as everyone else. If you are faced with discrimination don’t stay silent because you are not the only one.

— Kealee, Work-at-Home Agent, Teleperformance in the USA

...so this was a great opportunity to work from home, and use my mind, answer questions, and helping customers. I love working with people. Teleperformance gave me that first opportunity.

— Nathaniel Wira, Customer Experience Specialist, Teleperformance in the USA


Providing an inclusive and engaging workplace is just the tip of the iceberg. At the core of what we offer is the feeling that one fits in and is fully accepted. Teleperformance offers not only the opportunity of inclusion to our colleagues with disabilities, but also stability, independence, and the possibility to grow within the company. We are truly honored to play a role as they improve their lives for the better. Teleperformance continues to break down barriers that hinder persons with disabilities from achieving so much more in life.

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