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Celebrating Our Work-from-Home Employees

Teleperformance - 06.29.2022

The work-from-home model has seen a remarkable evolution. Throughout history, working at home has been a way of life, and for most of our ancestors— a key to their survival. Over time, remote work only strengthened its presence in the workforce, with technology opening the gates for it to flourish even more. Nowadays, a normal day for most work-from-home employees means opening their laptops while wearing pajamas as they wait for their work emails to come.

No one can deny the many benefits of working at home. Having the privilege to check work emails in pajamas is only one of them! In our Work-at-Home Employee Survey, Teleperformance employees[1] stated that commute time savings, elimination of commute expenses, and a better work-life balance were the top three perks of remote work. Because of these, it’s understandable why most of our employees are unwilling to return back to a traditional office setup: in the same survey, 37% of our employees would seek a different job if asked to return back to the office.

A big part of remote work’s allure is the opportunity to achieve work-life balance. 84% of Teleperformance employees[2] felt a stronger sense of work-life balance working at home. Having time for oneself after a busy day of work creates a sense of inner peace. Having time to spend with family, loved ones, and friends truly goes a long way in motivating and driving employees forward. And let’s not forget how achieving work-life balance can create more opportunities to bond with our furry friends – according to FlexJobs’ Work-Life Relationship Survey, 85% of respondents mentioned that having flexible work options, including remote work, would help them be better pet owners. Truly, working from home has allowed employees to experience a better quality of life.

June 30 is National Work from Home Day in the United States

As an Employer of Choice, Teleperformance understands the value of creating meaningful connections with our work-from-home employees. This is why we continue to fortify our remote work model through Cloud Campus, and improve the work-from-home experience to provide our employees the flexibility they need to make every moment count – whether it’s for themselves, with their loved ones, and yes… with their pets!

Even if National Work from Home Day is only observed in the United States, we always want to celebrate our work-from-home employees all over the world. This is why we have launched “TP Best Furry Friend” campaign. We sent lanyards, badges, and a letter to over 50 work-from-home employees in Portugal, USA, India, Turkey, Greece, and Brazil. Here are a few photos of our employees’ adorable pets wearing their very cool Teleperformance IDs, all for your pleasure. Watch out – it’s going to be a cuteness overload from here on forward!

Combo Pets
Tp pets Pingo Cemerka
 Tp pets Gin Julio
Tp pets Twix Cleide
Tp pets Lua Felipe

From all of us – including our adorable pets – here at Teleperformance… a big “thank you!” to our home workers! We remain grateful to everything you do.

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[1] [2] White paper: “Winning the Recruiting Race.” Taken from the Teleperformance Work-at-Home Employee Survey, May 2022


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