Celebrating the Women of Teleperformance

Celebrating the Women of Teleperformance

Mamta Rodrigues - 03.08.2024

Women's Month is not only a celebration of the achievements made by women, but it's also a call to action for gender equality and inclusivity.

From fostering women's leadership to promoting work-life balance that accommodates the unique challenges women face, Women's Month acts as a catalyst for conversations and progress. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness as we strive for gender equality and empowerment. The path to full equality demands consistent effort – it is important to remember that our collective actions must match our aspirations to create environments where women's talents and voices are not only recognized but also integral to our shared success.

Women are the backbone of innovation and leadership that we witness daily. This month, we commemorate women's historic achievements and acknowledge their integral role in fostering a diverse and inclusive workspace.

Committed to Empowering the Women of Teleperformance


Every day, we at Teleperformance reflect on the remarkable contributions of women across the globe and within our organization. In the workplace, we continue to see their talent, grace, confidence, and knowledge grow: 54% of our workforce are women, 52% occupy management positions, and 38% of our Management Committee are women.

We support all women regardless of race, age, ability, religion, body image, and gender identity. We strengthen our commitment to empowering them through the following programs and initiatives that promote equal opportunities, professional development, and an empathetic culture where every voice is valued and heard:

  • Mentorship programs, leadership training, and employee research groups
  • Culturally agile programs that allow women to receive 100% of their salary during maternity leave in certain countries​
  • Adaptable and flexible schedules that respect work-life balance
  • “Men as Allies” initiative, which encourages participation and advocacy for gender equity​
  • Gender-neutral basis for salary bands, classification, career opportunities, and work schedules
  • Proactive gender equality and diversity selection procedure for management positions
  • TP Women celebrates and empowers women, and strives to be a voice for diversity, equity, and inclusion

As we continue on this journey, we honor the tenacity and resilience of our women, recognizing that our collective experiences yield a stronger, more dynamic Teleperformance. Together, let us continue to uplift and empower each other, celebrating the unique strengths and contributions of women every day.

May we all strive towards a world where women are celebrated, heard, respected, and given equal opportunities! Let us be inspired to speak up for those who can’t break barriers, challenge norms, and pave the way for future generations of strong, empowered women. Together, our voices become stronger and can help drive a positive change.

Happy Women's Month from all of us at Teleperformance!

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