Centrical and TP: Jumpstarting a Performance Improvement Trend

Teleperformance - 02.23.2022

As another year starts, the work-at-home (WAH) model continues to reflect dynamic changes that impact the way employees work and perform. With workplaces shifting from traditional offices to purely home setups during the early stages of the pandemic, and then easing into the current hybrid state – organizations are slowly evolving and planning ahead to adapt to employee needs, while ensuring their businesses are on track as they navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape.

The hybrid setup has a lot of clear benefits – cost savings, business resiliency, and more digital transformation opportunities for organizations, resulting in work-life balance, less stress, and increased employee productivity. That’s why McKinsey reported that nine out of 10 organizations will combine remote and on-site work for its employees in the near future. To further strengthen the case for a hybrid model, Gartner research indicated that 94% of organizations are granting employees more flexibility in where work.

Embracing hybrid means focusing on what matters

Now that hybrid work is becoming mainstream, it’s important for organizations to focus on the factors that could drive further success in a hybrid setup. According to a CNBC survey that gathered responses from top-level executives in major U.S. companies, employee health and wellness and employee productivity are their two major priorities, with 84% and 72% of respondents, respectively, stating that these two are “very important” in their post-pandemic work model.

It’s not a secret that keeping employees happy, motivated, and inspired leads to higher productivity – especially in today’s ever-evolving work environment. Add A.I.-powered tools to aid their workflow wherever, whenever – then there’s no way but up for their performance, resulting in higher success for the business. This is where Teleperformance’s partnership with Centrical, a holistic employee engagement and real-time performance management platform, shines the brightest.


A.I. helping businesses succeed with employees at the center

In a LinkedIn Live session, our very own Paul Joustra, Head of Transformation, CEMEA, had an insightful discussion with Melissa Chang, Director of Customer Success, Americas, at Centrical. Founded in 2013, Centrical has always believed that putting employees at the center of their operations would result in business success. The company uses A.I.-powered tools that deliver work insights to employees to help them improve, Focus more, and have fun along the way. Melissa briefly explained, “To tell you a little bit about Centrical, where I am from, we believe putting the employee at the center is one of the key drivers to business success. Centrical provides an employee-centric platform that powers real-time performance management with microlearning and advanced gamification, bringing it all together to give employees and managers what they need to succeed. And my role is to partner closely with our clients, such as Teleperformance to guide them along their digital transformation journey.”

Centrical plays an integral role in Teleperformance’s pursuit of a perfect balance between the high-tech and high-touch approach. In the LinkedIn Live session, Paul gave an overview of how Centrical helps Teleperformance employees improve their performance, “We’re using tools like Centrical to enable our team leaders to spend more time on coaching. This tool provides high-tech on one hand, and on the other, ensures our team leaders provide high-touch using the technology to gather data and real-time insights, to improve performance.”

Join Paul and Melissa as they talk more about the successful Teleperformance-Centrical partnership, the latest performance management trends in hybrid work models, how team leaders are managing people today, some client success stories, and how TOPS, BEST, and Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™) all work together to ensure improved performance for all Teleperformance employees across the world. Click here to watch our LinkedIn Live session with Centrical!

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