Championing a Brighter Tomorrow

Mark Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President of the Global Management Team - 07.14.2020

Led by Chairman and CEO Daniel Julien, Teleperformance continues the drive to make a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout the years, Teleperformance has created a positive impact in the lives of our local communities through our corporate social responsibility initiative Citizen of the World (COTW). When COTW was established in 2006, Teleperformance partnered with FEED the Children to manage the contribution coming from both employees and managers of the company. “Together, we built a great partnership. Around the world, FEED the Children has helped make the most out of our contributions,” Julien shares in a video. “Teleperformance so far has contributed more than 10 million dollars.”

Julien expressed his decision to donate to FEED the Children during a Teleperformance Board of Directors meeting which took place last May 18, 2020. FEED The Children is an international non-profit organization focused on alleviating childhood hunger, and helping the most vulnerable families during disasters including the current Covid-19 pandemic. In the meeting, Daniel Julien made generous individual commitment to support this great cause on a personal basis.

The coronavirus pandemic has severely hit countless of families and children across the globe. Julien expresses: “Families are going through a difficult time because of COVID, and it’s our ardent duty to contribute.” With this, the Teleperformance CEO brings his personal contribution of $560,000 to Teleperformance’s COTW fund managed by FEED the Children.

Travis Arnold, President and CEO of FEED the Children, expressed his gratitude to Julien and Teleperformance. “I appreciate this opportunity to personally thank you Mr. Julien, for your generous personal donation and for your shining example of giving leadership. What an honor it has been for FEED the Children to partner with you and Teleperformance through these past 14 years,” he said.

According to Arnold, FEED the Children’s 2019 fiscal year in the US and around the world saw approximately 78 million pounds of food and essentials provided to children and families, as well as nearly $270 million through partnerships and partnerships and programs. FEED the Children’s outreach to infants, children and families benefited over 6.3 million people globally.

“We try to be a good company, and to be a force of good,” mentions Julien. “We truly believe that if all the good decent people are united, we could build a much better future.”

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