Citizen of the World Stories: WeCare at TP in Greece!

Citizen of the World Stories: WeCare at TP in Greece!

Clémentine Gauthier - 03.10.2020

Over the years, Teleperformance’s Citizen of the World (COTW) programs have touched countless lives, delivering hope and care to those in need. United in our mission to make a positive impact in our communities and spread joy whenever we can, we continuously look for every opportunity to make a difference.

For our employees, local COTW activities and events are also held in an effort to educate and increase awareness. Now on its 7th year, Teleperformance in Greece’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign continues its drive to inform employees about the disease. To further push the campaign, they held different activities in their site, which became well-received among our employees in the country.

Breast ultrasound
Prevention is the best cure, and the best way to beat the disease is getting a breast ultrasound. At Teleperformance in Greece, 1,048 women and 30 men were examined for free by specialized doctors using an ultrasound machine carrying the latest technology. The examinations were conducted inside Teleperformance in Greece’s premises, making the process convenient for our employees. More than 500 women have admitted that they are waiting every year for this campaign since their annual breast checkup is being taken care of by Teleperformance!

Social media campaign
For this initiative, Teleperformance in Greece asked their employees who have beat breast cancer to participate through social media. They used the “boxing” concept to show that the disease can be beaten with prevention and an early diagnosis.


TP Greece 1


Race for the cure
500 employees took part in “Race for a Cure,” which was sponsored by the company. The run was dedicated to all Teleperformance employees who suffer, had suffered, and have survived this disease. Among the run’s participants were two survivors, and one who is currently battling the disease.


TP Greece Sports


Psychological support through the NGO Alma Zois
Being encouraged by a breast cancer survivor is a powerful thing as they can be the best source of hope at a difficult time. Teleperformance in Greece provided psychological support for employees to get all the help that they need, including the help of the non-profit organization Alma Zois.

We remain inspired by the countless stories of hope, selflessness, and charity belonging to our employees from all over the world. Our people’s efforts and generosity all over the world are much appreciated, inspiring others. At Teleperformance, WeCare!

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