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Cloud Campus: A Flexible Working Approach That Drives Business Agility

Teleperformance - 11.04.2021

Long-term operational resilience as a result of a flexible work from home model has become a business imperative after a disruptive 2020. The “new normal” has prescribed the rapid deployment of work-at-home models to ensure business continuity and agility. With this, an important question arises: is working from home here to stay? A special edition of the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab’s annual survey stated that 28% of respondents who worked from home would want to return[1] to working at their employers’ premises in the future.

Taking this figure into consideration, companies must recognize what lies ahead: the future of work requires a robust and revolutionary approach for hiring, managing, optimizing, and securing remote teams.

Flexible Work from Home Model: Cloud Campus


Cloud Campus is our innovative, flexible work from home model that has been designed from the ground up to provide best practices for establishing remote teams. It attracts more talented candidates and provide the right tools, processes, technologies, and best practices for establishing high-performing, remote teams. With 29 Cloud Campus physical hubs all over the world, Teleperformance offers unmatched staffing flexibility that can address changing business needs. Cloud Campus offers virtual customer support through digital channels with unlimited access to resources in any language. It utilizes the latest technologies while maintaining the highest standards of security, performance, and operational excellence as a traditional business model.


A main pillar that bolsters Cloud Campus is employee engagement. Through Cloud Campus, our employees can truly live, work, and connect with their colleagues anytime, anywhere. One key benefit of Cloud Campus is improved and elevated employee experiences as a result of our employees achieving work-life balance. This creates a motivated environment that inspires excellent performances, driving better results for our clients.


To continue building positive employee engagement, Cloud Campus connects our employees through video and chat lines. These channels act as platforms for employees to receive support, meet with their colleagues, or even conduct virtual get-togethers that foster camaraderie and trust among team members. Clients can also interact with their Teleperformance teams anytime by visiting Cloud Campus hubs. Improved virtual engagement leads to higher employee retention rates; higher employee retention leads to a more knowledgeable and experienced employee base.


Through Cloud Campus, leaders and managers can maintain a centralized and a consistent focus on respective programs regardless of geographical location of the workforce. In addition, Cloud Campus’ impact on the environment has been overwhelmingly positive: with 222,000 employees working remotely, we have seen a 55% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to working in a physical office.



Ensure long-term business resilience with an agile and adaptable model designed to change with your business needs! For more information about Teleperformance Cloud Campus, click here. Want to know more? Learn how Cloud Campus helped Grubhub achieve work-at-home success.




[1] CX Lab’s 5 Key Trends for How Remote Work and Consumer Changing Have Changed Forever, slide 15


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