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Paul Joustra - 11.09.2021

The need for fast-paced, real-time customer service was greatly felt during the pandemic. Companies and brands worldwide faced many challenges including keeping up with the needs of their customers, while adapting to changing customer behavior brought about by the ongoing health crisis. It was a crucial moment for technology, as it lent a big hand in making things a little easier for everyone. We’ve seen how digital communication has helped customers navigate the pandemic, how digital channels can be key to unleashing the capabilities of digital engagement, or how interaction analytics can uncover business blind spots to create better customer experiences (CX).

Today, customers can choose to reach brands in many ways. They are using multiple channels to seek help or assistance through chat and messaging – two channels that saw a significant rise in usage in recent years. According to Statista, social messaging was the popular choice among customers when reaching businesses in 2020, with 110% more customers using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp compared to 2019. There was also an increase in the use of emerging technologies such as bots, automation, chatbots, A.I., machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and analytics. We leveraged all these technologies to introduce conversational A.I., which is an important driver in creating better experiences for customers and customer service agents. In my recent session at Khoros Engage, I shared insights on creating digital-first strategies through conversational artificial intelligence, allowing for better customer and employee experiences.

Today, let me share with you six more benefits of conversational A.I.:

  1. Hyperspeed service in an ultra fast-paced world. Brands are now living in an era where customers require convenience and speed to have good experiences. Conversational A.I. can help brands revolutionize their customer service by providing real-time support.
  2. Analytics and A.I. for hyper personalized experiences. Data and analytics boost the A.I.’s capabilities, resulting in better CX. Analyzing data from previous interactions can help personalize experiences, making the process feel less robotic and scripted.
  3. It helps customers navigate service. When customers seek service, they are sometimes unsure with how to proceed. It can guide them in the right direction through simple prompts, making the process faster and more efficient.
  4. Boosting self-service one step at a time. The age of self-service is upon us, as customers become more self-sufficient in searching for answers to their questions. Advances in A.I. are making it easier for customers to get solutions themselves, empowering them along their journey.
  5. Strengthening agent support. Conversational Artificial Intelligence can help agents better understand their customers (i.e., the reason why they called) and provide the steps needed to better serve them.
  6. Empowering agents through a blend of high-tech, high-touch. Customer service still relies on the “wow” factor, which can only be achieved through human touch. Agents assisted by A.I. can deliver authentic, empathic, and effective conversations.

A Framework for Transformation

At Teleperformance, we use T.A.P. ™ as a framework for transformation where T stands for technology, A for analytics, and P for process excellence (which uses the Lean Six Sigma methodology). We leverage all three to ensure the success of our projects.

Utilizing technology means using Khoros and flow.
We use interaction analytics to measure performance and collect data to add more content to the bot. We use Lean Six Sigma for a no-waste and  structured approach to continuous bot performance improvement.

Our people are at the heart of it all. Our highly-skilled people make the difference, as they know how to talk to customers. We also present them with career growth opportunities, allowing them to pursue jobs including conversation designers, bot managers, interaction analysts, community managers, knowledge managers, RPA developers, and more.

We measure success from the customer’s point of view. Long waiting times are prevented and higher net promoter score (NPS) is recorded by switching to an effortless channel such as WhatsApp. This leads to higher productivity and higher level of automation, resulting in a lower price per contact for the company. For our interaction experts, it means fewer repetitive tasks and a more challenging and fun work environment, resulting in higher employee satisfaction.


The future of customer engagement is A.I. Learn more about our digital platforms powered by high-tech A.I., analytics, AI Operations and intelligent automation solutions today.

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