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Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivating an Emotionally Intelligent Employee Experience

Teleperformance - 08.19.2022

Diversity is key to enriching and nurturing the employee experience. There is joy – and beauty – in bringing together people of different backgrounds, ages, gender, religion, ethnicities, or race, all working together to achieve a common goal. The use of emotional intelligence in the workplace is highly vital.

At Teleperformance, our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture allows us to have an open mind. In a Cruising Altitude podcast, our very own Chief People Officer and Chief Diversity Officer Alan Winters explored the importance of emotional intelligence in today’s work environment: “In our world today, you have to have a broad view. And you have to have diversity with an open mind to understand where people are coming from,” Winters shares. “Or, if you put it in today’s vernacular – the ‘emotional intelligence’ to understand how people interact with you, how they hear what you say, understand, take, or do.”

Together with our employees, we envision a better and fairer world for all. Turning this into reality takes total commitment that is strengthened as we embrace our differences, erase gender bias, become better allies, empower people of color and minority groups, educate ourselves to be aware of societal issues, and accept one another for who they are. “What’s important is we don’t define someone based on however they identify,” shares Winters. “We define someone based on how their performance is, and how they contribute. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re gay, straight, transgender – that does not matter, it has no impact on your work life in terms of performance. It certainly has impact on your work life in terms of belonging.”

The Use of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Elevating the customer experience has been our mission since the beginning, and we continue to evolve to adapt to the changing needs of today’s modern consumer. As a company whose workforce interacts and connects brands to their customers every single day, the value of emotional intelligence –especially in today’s fast-paced, digital environment – can never be overlooked.

The use of emotional intelligence in the workplace is key to unlocking a harmonious relationship between employees and leaders. Operating within the “United Cultures of Teleperformance” as coined by Winters, a big part of building emotionally intelligent experiences is keeping communication lines open in order to inspire confidence and trust. “We have an open communication process,” Winters mentions, “and the key is… you listen, you react, and you communicate what you find openly. If you do that, people will have confidence. They’ll have confidence that you value their opinion, and people will be more apt to express their opinion because they know they’ll be listened to. And that’s where the real gold is, in terms of employee feedback.”

Alan Winters Social Card[21]

At Teleperformance, we believe that our people are our greatest assets—they are the heart of our organization and the cornerstone of Teleperformance’s constant success over the years. We continuously strive to create a positive workplace environment where our employees are able to thrive in an emotionally intelligent environment, where they can express their individuality, have fun, be listened to, and be heard. Winters detailed a few of Teleperformance’s employee engagement activities. “We have an array of engagement opportunities for people to be engaged and excited, whether it’s employee research groups, our global For Fun Festival (an annual talent competition) art, music, singing, any talent – anyone can come to the table and participate.”

Thriving in a workplace where diversity, inclusion, and openness are practiced has inspired our employees to become the best version of themselves. We use emotional intelligence in the workplace and aim to fuel their passion for elevating their careers by investing heavily in their development. On JUMP, Teleperformance’s career development program, Winters notes: “If you want more, there’s more within Teleperformance.”

Listen to Alan as he discusses Teleperformance’s employee engagement initiatives, and learn more about his personal journey towards championing inclusion, equality, and diversity.
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