Delivering a High-Tech, High-Touch Employee Experience

Delivering a High-Tech, High-Touch Employee Experience

Teleperformance - 08.30.2021

Every year, Teleperformance continuously focuses on setting the highest standards for the pulse of our organization that moves us forward: our employees! As a global company, we have the responsibility to ensure the satisfaction and development of our 380,000 employees worldwide. We know that by doing so, we are able to give our employees the best experience—a key to unlocking their motivation, happiness, and passion to create meaningful interactions that are simpler, faster, and safer for our clients and their customers.

For over four decades, we have been enriching the employee experience by investing heavily on the well-being, development, and safety of our people. Earlier this year, we have reached a significant milestone: Teleperformance has unlocked a monumental moment as nearly 90% of our employees work in a certified Great Place to Work® site. Through the years, the Teleperformance workplace culture has long been empowered by our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion, a place where our differences make us stronger.

Twimbit, a tech company that innovated the way the world discovers and shapes research, recently recognized Teleperformance in its “Top 10 CX BPOs to Ace Employee Experience” report. The report was able to highlight Teleperformance’s passion for enriching the employee experience, as we garnered an overall Employee Experience rating of 8.3 which is the highest among ten BPOs included in the list. With this top ranking, Teleperformance continues to be at the forefront of delivering high-tech, high-touch, and exceptional employee experiences.

Complementing Twimbit’s report is an infographic that further details Teleperformance’s commitment to elevating the employee experience. In the infographic, Twimbit explored Teleperformance’s key facts and strengths in the areas of employee growth, training, work-at-home capabilities during a global pandemic, employee communication, and Best Workplace/Best Employer subsidiary recognitions.

Teleperformance has always believed in the value of employee well-being and employee engagement. This achievement and recognition from Twimbit allow us to further lead the way in providing outstanding experiences for our employees as well as provide excellent workspaces for our people. Learn how Teleperformance continues to make employee experience a top priority by reading the infographic from Twimbit below:

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Teleperformance delivers a high tech and high touch employee experience