Developing the Best Remote Agent Program: Cloud Campus Wins Gold
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Developing the Best Remote Agent Program: Cloud Campus Wins Gold!

Teleperformance - 01.16.2023

As a global leader, Teleperformance has evolved and adapted with the changing times. Our high-tech, high-touch approach is crucial in everything that we do, ensuring that we implement the best technology for working remotely.

The Best Technology for Working Remotely

We are no strangers to innovation. For Teleperformance, it has always been about elevating CX through utilizing technologies that are capable of making each interaction simpler, faster, and safer. During the pandemic, we deployed extensive Work-At-Home-Agent (WAHA) solutions that redefined how businesses operate. By doing so, Teleperformance offered continued support for essential services while ensuring the safety of our employees, resulting in business continuity for our clients.

Strengthened by Cloud Campus Teleperformance, our unique, cloud-centric model – we continue to support work-at-home teams in by providing the right tools, the best technology for working remotely, processes, and the best practices for building and engaging high-performing work-at-home teams. With continuous improvement, we are able to refine our work-at-home capabilities, with Teleperformance Cloud Campus becoming an effective, long-term work-at-home solution that supports our employees in elevating the employee experience. With this, Teleperformance is proud to be recognized as a Top Ranking Performer at the Contact Center World Awards 2022, emerging as the Gold Winner in the Best Home/Remote Agent Program in the World category!

The Best Home/Remote Agent Program award is presented to companies who have  developed a successful home/remote agent program, either before the pandemic, or as a result of it.

Powered by the best technology for working remotely and featuring the largest CX candidate pool worldwide, Teleperformance Cloud Campus takes working from home to the next level through operational excellence, centralized command centers, and proprietary technology and security. Globally, Cloud Campus counts with over 50% of TP employees servicing +1,000 clients in 67 markets and through 37 languages.

This recognition exemplifies our high-tech, high-touch approach in bringing together the best technology and the human touch to deliver zero-disruption services through effective work-at-home programs, made possible by the Teleperformance Cloud Campus. The win inspires us even more to make strides in improving CX through the use of the latest technologies and tools, powered by our employees who are the best in what they do.

Congratulations to our Cloud Campus teams around the world! We are #ProudtobeTP!

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