Analytics and AI

Digital Transformation through Analytics and AI

Teleperformance - 01.11.2022

Analytics and AI - In a world where speed, consistency, and excellent service are key factors in enhancing the customer experience, brands are now finding themselves in a tight race that crowns forward-thinkers as winners or those who find ways to adapt and evolve with the changing demands and behavior of consumers.

With digital transformation rapidly accelerating the way businesses operate in their industries, the vision to soar even further through innovation, new technologies, and digitization becomes even greater with each passing year. Nowadays, we’re seeing the heightened roles of analytics and AI – two technologies that aim to create a frictionless experience for today’s customers.

The new customer expectation – more options for digital interactions


For many companies, the rapid change in customer expectations has jumpstarted the push for digital solutions. The reason is clear, digital interactions between consumers and brands had skyrocketed during the pandemic. According to Statista, the global average share of customer interactions that are digital interactions almost tripled from 20% in June 2017 to almost 60% in July 2020.

As the avenue for digital interactions continues to widen, there lies an opportunity to harness the many benefits of analytics and AI. These technologies can also be key to understanding and surpassing today’s CX challenges. In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Dave Rizzo, Teleperformance’s APAC Regional President, had the pleasure of talking to Philippe Mercier, NICE’s Vice President of Analytics Sales (APAC). In this session, Rizzo and Mercier explored several topics such as the changing customer expectations in the APAC region as a result of increased digital adoption, the partnership between Nexidia and TP Interact, current trends, and the role and benefits of A.I. and analytics in creating great experiences for both customers and employees.

Trusted and extraordinary experiences made simpler, faster, and safer

NICE is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that help organizations improve business performance through advanced analytics and data. In the LinkedIn Live session, Mercier discussed the growing trend in chat volume in the APAC region and how NICE’s solutions can make a difference, “We see a rapidly increasing trend in chat volume in China, obviously the largest digital interaction market of the world where we invest our resources through social channels like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, and others.” He added, “We can deliver for brands that are engaging customers in those channels by not answering all interactions, but rather filter out the noise, do multi-dimensional tagging by means of machine learning, A.I., natural language processing or NLP, and help brands differentiate themselves in a competitive environment.”

Rizzo and Mercier also discussed TP Interact, an interaction analytics solution that leverages Nexidia as NICE’s platform in the APAC region. It’s a partnership that brought improved results, as well as additional and valuable insights to clients. Rizzo shared, “In our programs where we deployed TP Interact, we’ve seen up to 40% C-SAT improvement, 15% in customer churn improvement, and an impact of 30% greater sales effectiveness to advance the client bottom line. I agree, there’s no debating the results and their value.”

Learn more about the role of analytics and AI, in improving customer satisfaction and creating a better integrated customer experience! Watch the full LinkedIn Live session with Dave and Philippe

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