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Eliminating Language as a Barrier to Amazing Customer Service

Teleperformance - 04.22.2021

We live in a digitally connected world where consumers are increasingly becoming more global and, therefore, multilingual. They have unique ways of interacting with brands based on their culture and even on their relationship with technology and increasing use of mobile devices. To encourage growth, businesses must tailor their customer experience to a diverse audience, with personalization as the new amazing customer service standard.

As we already know, an optimal customer experience strategy is key to influencing purchase behaviors, driving revenue, and inspiring loyalty. According to Statista’s 2018 survey among US customers, 44% of respondents stopped doing business with a company because of poor client support. Meanwhile, NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 Serial Switchers report reveals that poor customer support is costing companies $75 billion annually. So, what does this mean for brands that are looking to gain a global foothold and a greater slice of the world’s multilingual pie?

The answer is simple — speaking the customer’s language is imperative.

Wow Customers in Every Language

While this may sound like an overused metaphor, CSA Research found that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language. On the other hand, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. At the end of the day, customers who do not feel that their concerns can be answered due to a language barrier are most likely to take their business elsewhere.

As such, many companies have been innovating and adjusting to client expectations to ensure that they provide excellent customer experience across channels and offer multilingual customer support. However, most organizations still rely on a siloed approach to language. The marketing team, for example, might use translation services, while the sales team hires native speakers and the amazing customer service department partners with native-speaking BPOs. This lack of a single language strategy can lead to massive inefficiencies.

Simplify Multilingual Customer Support Through High-Tech and High-Touch

At Teleperformance, we firmly believe that technology has become the great equalizer for language around the globe. For this reason, we carefully balance our high-touch methodology with high-tech solutions. To eliminate language barriers and help businesses thrive across cultures and geographies, we continuously blend advanced artificial intelligence with human editors, for fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. It integrates seamlessly into any channel, so agents can deliver consistent multilingual support from within their existing workflows, making it easy for enterprises to grow into new markets and build customer trust in every corner of the world.

Build trust and drive growth by speaking your customer’s language with our multilingual support. Learn more about Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch solutions today and deliver amazing customer service!

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