Excelling in Innovation: Teleperformance in India is Company of the Year

Excelling in Innovation: Teleperformance in India is Company of the Year

Teleperformance - 03.15.2024

Over the past four decades, Teleperformance has evolved as a leader in constant innovation. We are committed to helping organizations adapt to change, master the future, and deliver digitally powered business services that streamline and transform their operations. As we look to the future, we strive to improve and enhance our digital services through technology adoption by staying at the forefront of innovation and gaining a competitive edge in dynamic markets worldwide.

In India, we have strengthened our capabilities and digital business services that combine advanced solutions with analytics and disciplined processes. We continue to boost our strong regional leadership by providing our clients with cutting-edge tools, the best talent, and enhanced security and data privacy. As we strive towards a relentless future filled with vast opportunities, we only aim to harness our comprehensive suite of digital services and maintain our position at the forefront of innovation not just in the region but all over the world.

We are grateful every time our drive to succeed is acknowledged – today, we are proud to announce that Frost & Sullivan has recognized Teleperformance with a Company of the Year Award in the Indian CX Outsourcing Services Industry.

This prestigious award acknowledges our growth strategy, innovation, and strong market and customer value leadership. In its assessment, Frost & Sullivan commended Teleperformance’s strategic use of local talent to drive the country as a premier hub for end-to-end operations and next-gen services. Teleperformance’s focus on innovation was also recognized, particularly TP Digital’s innovative initiative “Deliver Better,” a program focused on business case-led proposals and unlocking digital-only revenue. “Deliver Better” resulted in outstanding outcomes for international and domestic client partnerships.

Frost & Sullivan briefly mentioned key Teleperformance highlights in its assessment, which mainly featured the implementation of enhanced digital technologies:

  • TP GenAI rollout across multiple accounts
  • Accent Neutralization Technology adoption
  • Procurement standardization
  • TP Interact: A Gen AI-powered, QA-led transformation across portfolios that equips the workforce with focused upskilling programs
  • Employee Experience Tracking: Addresses vital issues during the onboarding and exit phases of the employee lifecycle

Congratulations to our teams in India! We are proud of your extraordinary achievements and look forward to achieving so much more with you all. Together, we are #ProudtobeTP!

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