Evolution of Technology in Healthcare

Exploring the Transformation of Healthcare

Teleperformance - 02.06.2023

While the industry wasn’t the quickest to embrace digital transformation, providers and patients are experiencing the evolution of technology in healthcare which is paving the way for better, more personalized patient experiences. Through emerging technology, the healthcare industry is presented with even more ways to streamline operations, improve care and access to care, and enhance a customer’s experience – all while lowering costs.

In our LinkedIn Live featuring our very own Linda Comp-Noto, Division President for Healthcare, the spotlight is on the new reality for improved patient experience in the healthcare industry. Linda is joined by Lauretta Campastre, Associate Vice President of Customer Success at CallMiner.

The Evolution of Technology in Healthcare

The 90s saw a healthcare industry that was powered by rotary phones, handwritten medical records, and metal filing cabinets. Fast forward to 2023, the health spaces are swimming in endless opportunities, sparked by the digital movement impacting a highly dynamic industry. “It’s a really, really exciting time for healthcare as we continue to help U.S. healthcare companies transform their operations,” Comp-Noto shared. “We do this through AI and intelligent automation – we are living in a digital world, and it will affect how we move forward. Big trends are here, like telehealth, wearable health, and personal wellness. And they’ll continue to drive how we achieve better outcomes.”

The evolution of technology in healthcare is evident. The rise of telehealth cannot be denied, as patients demand and expect better healthcare support and services that are efficient, fast, and compassionate. Patients have different preferences and behavior as to how, where, and when they want to engage with their providers and healthcare companies. As a global leader in digitally integrated business services, Teleperformance leverages AI, advanced analytics, and machine learning to drive patient-first experiences.

And in a $300 billion market, how can these emerging technologies aid in making sure that the patients’ and members’ needs are being met and supported? “It’s critically important that we take a very flexible approach, and that we use analytics to help us in that approach and also determining the best action,” said Comp-Noto. By offering advanced, telehealth services – supported by technology, human understanding, and empathy – Teleperformance can provide the right level of care at the right time to meet what is needed and wanted by patients in today’s digital world.

Understanding the customer experience and patient sentiment continues to be critical in healthcare industry. This is where Teleperformance’s strong partnership with CallMiner – a software company that helps companies make better business decisions by harnessing conversation intelligence – becomes pivotal, allowing us to connect the dots between insights and action to deliver patient-first experiences.  When asked how CallMiner translates big data into actionable insights, Campastre shared: “First, we have to zero in on the metrics that matter to the business, the patients, and the broader industry. Once we have those, we can leverage AI technology to essentially analyze that data,” she explained. “We structure that data into intelligence that can tell us what levers to pull to improve patient experience, and ultimately, their care.”

Join Linda and Lauretta in a very insightful LinkedIn Live that explores the evolution of technology in healthcare in a swiftly moving digital environment. Click
here to watch today!

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