For Fun Festival 2023 – Art Category is Officially Open!

For Fun Festival 2023 – Art Category is Officially Open!

Luciana Cemerka - 06.28.2023

Teleperformance continues to bring everyone together to our global stage where creativity and talent shine: the For Fun Festival (FFF)!

For years, the FFF has been creating smiles and celebrating everyone’s unique talents. In 2022, FFF had a breakthrough by launching in the metaverse – a truly unique feat that inspired us to keep adding more fun as each new year passes! We are grateful and proud to see such amazing talent, and we’re really excited to see more.

This year, we launched FFF 2023 in the metaverse once again. Decentraland was a truly fun place to kick off the festival, as performances by DJ Harrison First and DJ New Girl entertained the crowd, and games were played by users to receive free wearables. It was also the perfect time to reveal our For Fun Festival 2023 special guest in the Art category – internationally renowned artist Romero Britto!

FFF 2023 is ready to put a smile on everyone’s faces with Romero Britto on board! As this year’s Art category special guest, we invited Romero Britto, a pop art artist, is known for the Happy Art Movement. He combines elements of cubism, graffiti, and pop art in his work.

With Britto energizing our happiness batteries, we’re ready to serve fun and joy through this year’s FFF – Art category!

This being said, the For Fun Festival 2023 – Art category is officially open! We’re ready to receive your submissions from June 28 to August 24. Submit your video today to increase your chances of winning – the earlier the better, so your video can receive more engagement. A very exclusive online mentorship with Romero Britto and a 1,000 USD gift card await the winner.

To match Britto's passion for happiness and fun, make sure your artwork defines or represents happiness!

We’re delighted to be in this together with Britto, who inspires us with his optimism and vibrant energy expressed through his art.
The mood is superb and light here at Teleperformance with Britto around, and we’re absolutely thrilled to witness how this year’s FFF 2023 will continue to inspire submissions that truly speak what his Happy Art Movement is all about.

To join, just follow the steps below:

1.  Create an artwork that defines, represents, or captures happiness!
2. Record a video of yourself while creating your artwork and upload it on your TikTok or Instagram account.
3. Follow and tag @teleperformance_group
4. Use the hashtag #FFF2023Art

Together with Romero, we are inviting everyone to experience a whole new level of happiness and fun through the FFF – Art category! We can’t wait to see your art. Show the world what you can do and express yourself while spreading happiness all around through the For Fun Festival 2023!

For complete details and competition rules, visit our
TikTok page and For Fun Festival page here.

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