Fostering a Workplace Culture that Empowers Equality

Fostering a Workplace Culture that Empowers Equality

Teleperformance - 11.13.2023

For many years, we at Teleperformance have believed in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We understand that to be an inclusive and diverse workplace, a large part of our responsibility is acknowledging intersectionality: of knowing that inclusion means empowering people regardless of gender identity or expression, race, or sexual orientation, age, religion, education, age, or disability – as well as understanding that all people may experience overlapping forms of discrimination based on these social identities.

To be able to make a positive impact and build a fairer world for all, Teleperformance continues the fight for inclusivity and equality. We protect our people based on the intersection of what makes each of  us who we are.

Teleperformance continues to take strides in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion. From a broader perspective, we understand that it is a long journey – this is why we strive to push the boundaries in reaching gender parity and continue strengthening our efforts to foster a workplace culture that combats all forms of discrimination and amplifies our women’s voices.

In our special TP Women discussion, Keyonna Taylor, Executive Vice President of Client Solutions at Teleperformance Group, was joined by Minaxi Mistry, Founder at Equality Leaders. In a very insightful and engaging talk, Keyonna and Minaxi explore the topics of intersectional identities, culture and traditions, today’s challenges that are still marked by discrimination, and the need for systemic change in today’s world.


I want to tell every girl, every woman out there… dream your dream. And if anyone laughs at your dream – dream bigger. 

– Minaxi Mistry

"So, as a daughter of first-generation Indian parents in Britain, I grew up with a sense of feeling that we were different,” Minaxi shares. “As a Brown girl growing up in Britain today, I am culturally intelligent about how cultures can be so similar, but also very different, so I know how to embrace both of my cultures.”

Being a Brown female presents a lot of challenges, but Minaxi overcame every obstacle by learning how to speak up for herself. “It’s almost a mark on your back if you’ve ever stood up for yourself, or needed to,” Minaxi narrates. But this only inspired her to stand up more for herself. “I’ve learned how to protect myself by finding my voice to speak up, but more importantly, learning how to call out inappropriate behaviors and actions. We should always stand up for ourselves.”

Join our lively TP Women discussion featuring Keyonna and Minaxi by clicking here!

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