Growing with the Community: TP in Italy

Growing with the Community: TP in Italy

Teleperformance - 10.12.2021

Earlier this year, Teleperformance in Italy participated in a Citizen of the Planet (COTP) activity that inspired growth and joy within the community!

As part of our global COTP initiatives, our teams in Italy worked together with the Public Education Department of the Municipality of Taranto to donate and build a small botanical garden in the municipal nursery Magicondo in Taranto.

By partnering with the Public Education Department of the Municipality of Taranto, Teleperformance in Italy helped bring children closer to nature through the creation of green spaces within schools. Under the guidance of their teachers, the children prepared soil and planted seedlings. Through the activity, the pupils of the Magicondo kindergarten were able to combine learning and fun while contributing to make the world a better place. In addition, we believe that the activity brought a little sense of adventure to the kids and inspired them to explore and observe!

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Rinaldo Melucci, Mayor of Taranto, as well as the Councilor for Education and Youth Policies Deborah Cinquepalmi. Representatives of the school community also attended the event. Teleperformance in Italy’s Alessandro Ladiana also handed out COTP shirts as a souvenir to the attendees and participants.

COTW Italy 2


“This is a small gesture that strengthens and consolidates even more the bond with the city and with the community of Taranto. Today, we invest in the future and in love, and we rely on the wisdom of the smallest true Masters of Life."

 Teleperformance continues to strive to create a lasting difference in the communities we live in. We would like to thank our teams at Teleperformance in Italy for continuing to foster, strengthen, and take charge of our commitment to make the world a better place for all. Watch out for the next COTP event happening in your area, and see you on the next COTP event!

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