High Touch in Each Interaction

Laura Downing - 09.24.2021

Today, organizations and business leaders are more committed than ever to embracing digital technology. Often the High Touch approach to these solutions is forgotten. ‘High Tech and High Touch’ are critical in creating a seamless transformation. At Teleperformance each interaction matters, which makes ‘High Tech and High Touch’ so important in our Knowledge Services Community.

Here, we look at how ‘High touch’ works from 3 different perspectives:

  1. Digital transformation (Client Perspective)
  2. Change management (Employee Perspective)
  3. Customer Journeys (Customer Perspective)
Graph Client Customer Employee


Digital Transformation (Client Perspective)

The methodology established by Teleperformance takes a High Touch approach in all phases of digital enablement. This lays the foundation for proper analysis, while achieving greater impact by embracing digital technology. 


During this phase, we take an honest appraisal of people, process, and technology while discovering which activities support the customer to create comprehensive digital transformation.

By leveraging Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma best practices, we uncover opportunities through these five lenses:

  • The organization’s goals -- understanding the big picture
  • Underlying Data -– analyzing data with a human centered focus
  • KPIs -- how success is measured
  • Understanding employee’s perspectives and their pain points
  • Voice of the Customer

Through this High Touch approach, we can get a clear picture of what is happening within the organization.


Digital Transformation is about looking at how Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence can be leveraged to allow employees to be more proactive. Through our innovative service design approach, Teleperformance leverages tools like Mural, to collaborate with people in targeted solutions that bring their valuable experience. We take the ‘pain points’ of a client and create a solution that eliminates the ‘non-value adds’ work, while giving the customer the best possible experience.


During the implementation and delivery of solutions, High touch is leveraged in our Agile approach. We employ a continuous improvement methodology through an iterative and incremental approach (from prototyping to incremental rollouts) and strong involvement of our people, while keeping the customer at the forefront of our mind. 

Change Management (Employee Perspective)

At Teleperformance, we are proud of our ‘Best Place to Work’ awards throughout the world. Through our ‘All Ideas Matter’ program, we encourage, and collect ideas from all our employees, and act on them quickly. These practices are embedded in our High Touch approach. The ability to steer an organization quickly is a critical competitive advantage. McKinsey researchers have highlighted the critical part change management plays in driving successful outcomes.

Some key change management practices during a digital transformation are:

  • Getting employees engaged at the beginning
  • Having executive sponsorship from the beginning
  • Getting ‘Just in time’ feedback
  • Personalizing the experience
  • Building a community or shared experience
  • Demonstrating progress

We partner with clients to ensure these best practices happen. The chances of success increase when leadership actively encourages feedback from employees and gives them a sense of ownership in the transformation.

Customer Experience (Customer Perspective)

Great customer experience depends on great engagement. Focusing on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement are critical when assessing an organization for digital transformation. Teleperformance conducts a detailed analysis of the ‘Voice of the Customer’ which allows one to truly understand the Customer Journey.

In Summary

Digital Transformation is an ongoing journey. By supplementing high-touch programs with automation, businesses can align and attain customer satisfaction by focusing on relationships of value.

With Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach, we are able to help clients address the challenges affecting the customer service industry, and remain passionate about providing simpler, faster, safer, better, and more cost-effective interactions. Because each interaction matters.

Boost your business growth with Teleperformance's Technology Outsourcing Services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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