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Hospitality Customer Experience in Belgium, Sweden, France

Teleperformance - 02.27.2020

In hospitality customer experience, getting to know the right audience for your brand requires careful analysis. Before planning a strategy that best adapts to the needs and wants of your customers, it is highly important to be able to profile who your customers are, what they want from your brand or product, what their expectations are, their habits, and buying behavior.

An analysis by Global Web Index was conducted in three countries: Belgium, France, and Sweden, with the respondents composed of people working in the travel and hospitality sector. Since the strategy was focused on the B2B market, the respondents were made of company owners, team managers, general managers, buyer of products and services, and salespersons. The analysis showed key factors determining the buying behavior of customers in the aforementioned countries. It studied how different digital channels were being used by customers, where customers spend their time online when interacting with brands, the customer’s attitudes towards brands, and social media channel preferences. Here are a few highlights of the analysis.

For digital channels, search engines play a big role in the customer buying behavior. 73% of respondents from Belgium, 32% of respondents from France, and 40% of respondents from Sweden used search engines to buy products or inquire about services from a company. Email follows, then display ads, and brands’ social media pages on different social media sites.

Attitudes towards brands differ per country, however, loyalty is the main driver for customers to make a purchase. The ability to personalize is also vital in creating a sale, offering discounts and deals, and practicing innovation also matters. 86% respondents from France always try to find the best deals for products that they want to buy, while 84% of Swedish customers favor innovation, and buy new products in order to try them.

Social media channels affect the buying behavior in hospitality customer experience among the three countries. When asked which social media channel do they spend time the most, respondents from France and Sweden picked YouTube, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Respondents from Belgium answered Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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