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Humans and AI: Collaborating Together for Better HR Practices

Teleperformance - 08.26.2021

As the digital shift continues to make a difference, organizations of today have found plenty of opportunities to step up their HR practices and operations. Over time, the process of hiring, onboarding, and training personnel has evolved as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) simplifying and aiding HR teams.

In a Business Chief Magazine issue, Aditya Arora, CEO of Teleperformance in India, elaborated on the future of the collaboration between AI and humans in terms of HR practices, the role AI can play in talent acquisition, and the growing use of AI and gamification in onboarding and training employees. Read on to learn Arora’s key takeaways and insights from the magazine.

For starters, the first important takeaway is to eliminate the thought that AI removes human intelligence from HR. “This is far from the case. Investment in AI provides human agents the ability to handle tasks demanding attention, enhancing the entire cycle of the employee experience,” reassured Arora. At Teleperformance, we know that the true star of the show is human empathy and ability, and, with this in mind, we then count on technology to help us create simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Relating this to HR practices and operations, our high-tech, high-touch approach can only lead to better experiences for both HR teams and employees or potential clients. “AI-powered chatbots, in particular, make HR processes simpler, faster, and safer, facilitating fluid two-way dialogues between remote employees and senior leaders, with more personalized experiences,” he continued.

What are the key benefits of AI in HR? For Arora, one benefit is the increased accuracy in HR’s hiring processes. Another benefit is reduced bias—on this, Arora noted how AI can be programmed to ignore demographic information about candidates that typically leads to bias when it comes to decision-making.

While there are plenty of opportunities and benefits of AI in HR, one challenge Arora sees is a workforce trying to learn and evolve with the many technological changes affecting the workplace. The magazine stated that in an Oracle report, 76% of workers and 81% of HR leaders consider keeping up with technology a challenge.

The role AI plays in talent acquisition is getting bigger, as hiring models become more advanced thanks to digital technology. “Automated hiring software can eliminate the need for manual background checks and seamlessly identify appropriate candidates from untapped talent pools,” said Arora. He continued, “As digital hiring models become more advanced, recruiters will spend less time screening applicants, freeing their bandwidth to create personalized employee experiences.” How about the possibility of recruitment chatbots? The answer is yes, it’s already happening. Chatbots can help HR teams speed up the screening process by doing all the repetitive tasks. “Capable of popping up on social media networks, the bots are designed to ask interested candidates a series of frequently asked questions, such as, ‘what is your previous work experience?’ or ‘what qualifications do you have?’ The responses are then synced into an application tracking system, so no friction is added to the user’s online experience,” Arora explained. AI and gamification can also be used to enrich the learning and training experience among employees. 

The future of AI’s success in today’s environment relies on the ability of HR managers to ensure that AI adoption is modified to aid humans and organizations become more agile, accurate, and efficient. “AI will be the key to optimizing manpower and gaining critical efficiencies in the coming months, so that time can be better spent on value-added, strategic, and creative tasks,” Arora mentioned. Implementing AI can reduce an HR team’s time spent on manual, low-value tasks, allowing them to focus on tasks that truly matter, that is, responding to employees’ changing needs. 

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