Hygiene at a Time of COVID-19

Hygiene at a Time of COVID-19

Daniel Julien - 04.03.2020

I remember being in a one-room elementary school in 1960, in a little remote village in Normandy battered by the waves and the west wind. Our teacher explained to all of us, small children, thathygiene was the science of health”. I was 8 years old then. And now, 60 years later, it’s still vividly fresh in my mind.

Today, like over the past 42 years, I have the responsibility to steer the TP business fleet -- now 330,000 employees, in more than 80 countries. We are, for the first time in over a century, facing a major pandemic threat. So, I want to keep all TP people healthy throughout this storm, and help them emerge safely to enjoy the beauty of life again.

Physical health and hygiene for all

This is why Teleperformance has implemented a mandatory Hygiene and Safety Policy in all centers, worldwide. The policy includes social distancing and is closely monitored on a daily basis.This is a TP commitment.

Mental health for all

Anxiety, confinement, and media overload are difficult to handle. This is why Teleperformance is staying united and virtually connected to one another. Just this week, we launched TP Ultimate Fight contest against Covid 19. But It’s also to bring to everybody objective daily updates, based on facts and not rumors.This is a TP commitment.

Financial health for all 

We live in the real world, and need to keep the company strong to protect employees and clients. Just over the last 2 weeks, millions of newly unemployed people all over the world are facing a dire reality.

At Teleperformance, we’re fighting to maintain our operations, to continue to serve our clients and their customers. We’re keeping the machine running, while keeping our people safe. This is a TP commitment. 

I am proud of all we are doing at TP, to defeat this COVID-19 monster, together. Meanwhile, I embrace that tender image in my mind of my little remote village from 60 years ago.

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