Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow
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Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow

Teleperformance - 12.13.2023

Stories connect us with one another – and stories that feature hope and present the strength of the human spirit allow us to find inspiration to strive for a better tomorrow.

Teleperformance’s latest documentary, “Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow,” features Bobby and Frankyn, two Teleperformance employees whose unique stories invite viewers to take a closer look at their triumphs, challenges, and hope for what lies ahead.​

Bobby Bagga, from Teleperformance in India

As an individual with an orthopedic disability, Bobby faces many obstacles on a daily basis. “Within a fraction of a second, I could fall down,” she explains. “I cannot walk. So, stepping out of the house without anyone’s help is my biggest challenge.”

In a country where only 8.73% of government-owned buses in India are fully accessible[1], having a disability can be very limiting. But for Bobby, it’s all about living life to the fullest and reaching aspirations. You can tell that she’s really good at it – she looks great as she joyously gets her hair done in a salon, she chats to her friend with a radiant energy, and she talks passionately about how she was able to achieve a personal goal after years of saving: buying a new house.

Women empowerment, gender equality, and equal opportunity mean a lot to Bobby. “Females must be educated, skilled, and financially independent if they want to make their own decisions,” she states.

Frankyn Chacon, from Teleperformance in Colombia

In 2020, Venezuela faced extreme turmoil as the country went through a political, economic, and social crisis that greatly impacted thousands of lives. One of them is Frankyn, born in Cristobal, Venezuela, who migrated out of the country and found a new home in Bogota, Colombia.

Packing up one’s bags to start anew in a different country is not easy – and for Frankyn, who comes from a large and closely knit family, the hardest part was saying goodbye to his family. “Saying goodbye to my loved ones, especially my mom, and not knowing if I would be able to help her in the near future was the hardest, most complex part,” he narrates. “These are hard moments and emotions that I don’t think anyone is prepared to go through.”

Together with Teleperformance for a Better Tomorrow


As Teleperformance reinforces our commitment to make a positive impact, our employees’ stories fuel us even more to strengthen our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs to combat discrimination and intolerance in the workplace.


When we say Teleperformance is an ‘equal opportunity’ employer, they live up to what they say. They understand the needs of every individual. – Bobby Bagga

Teleperformance has supported me from minute one. I believe that finding this opportunity and this team that’s always willing to help me made the whole process easier and more satisfying. – Frankyn Chacon

With this, we are proud to share our documentary “Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow” with you. We invite you to join us as we broadcast it live on YouTube on December 19th, 11AM EST. Here’s the link to join the broadcast session.

We hope you’ll find warmth and hope in our documentary. May it inspire you to join us in our ongoing quest to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion not only in the workplace, but everywhere we go.

[1] Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

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