Intelligent Automation Process

Intelligent Automation: Fostering CX

Teleperformance - 11.02.2022

To survive in the CX industry, it’s no secret that businesses must be fast, agile, adaptive, and reactive. Processes must be efficient as well as effective to ensure that customers receive satisfaction in every touchpoint. Changing consumer behavior and preferences have to be considered every time important decisions must be made.

Change is a constant in this world – and across tech spaces, it’s innovation and evolution that can drive change, impacting the ways we live our lives, do business, or make decisions. As CX continues to march further into digital territory, technologies relentlessly evolve and develop to digital solutions that aim to foster and elevate the customer experience. One of the most beneficial digital developments in recent times is the intelligent automation process.

What is Intelligent Automation?

“Intelligent automation” might sound like another one of those tech buzzwords that would only lose its spark as time goes by. However, as the role of digitally integrated business services only intensifies – intelligent automation looks like it is here to stay. Why is this so, and why is intelligent automation so important?

In our LinkedIn Live featuring Santiago Martinez, Teleperformance’s Director of Digital Integrated Business Services, intelligent automation is defined as a technology that brings the best parts of robotic process automation (RPA) and blends these with the best of artificial intelligence (AI). The objective is to teach automations how to think and make better decisions along the way. Joining him in this insightful discussion on intelligent automation is Steve Shah, Senior Vice President of Products at Automation Anywhere. As Teleperformance’s key partner, Automation Anywhere is a global technology company that develops RPA software.

Intelligent automation positively impacts the customer experience, paving the way for better, personalized interactions. It also contributes to faster processes that heavily favors customers in today’s fast-paced world.

Most use cases for intelligent automation are evident in the back office, where intelligent automation can aid in handling documents and invoice processing. The front office also presents a lot of situations where intelligent automation can be used, as seen in large banks blending RPA and AI to handle customer engagements thoroughly and quickly.

TP: Harnessing The Intelligent Automation Process

For over four decades, Teleperformance has been a global leader in customer experience management. Adapting well into the digital era, we continue to take great strides towards becoming a leader in digitally integrated business services.

By harnessing the role of intelligent automation and adopting it across our digital solutions in various industries, we are able to provide frictionless integrated customer experience while enabling accurate and efficient processes that produce improved business results. Our high-tech, high-touch approach combines the best technology with the human touch, resulting in simpler, faster, and safer interactions that elevate CX.

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