Introducing Teleperformance’s WOW Awards
TP Women

Introducing Teleperformance’s WOW Awards

Miranda Collard and Mamta Rodrigues - 03.20.2023

Teleperformance remains relentless in forging the path towards gender equality. We celebrate the success of women in our workforce, taking great strides in ensuring their voices are amplified and their achievements are recognized. We are proud to thrive in a collaborative environment where 54% of our workforce are women, and 25% of the Group’s Executive Committee are women.

I’m grateful to be interviewed by the wonderful people at Customer Experience Magazine to talk about building inclusive workplaces, elaborating on the subject of women in the workplace. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

“Women undeniably bring great value to the workplace. Nurturing, developing them and mentoring their growth is quintessential. We advocate diversity – inclusivity, gender parity, equal opportunity, and advancement. We are promoting this by creating awareness and ensuring all women, across all levels, understand that diverse teams strengthen companies and can help drive overall competitive results.”


As Head of TP Women, I have witnessed how the women of Teleperformance embody strength, determination, and passion – women who constantly lead change, contribute to the success of the company, and drive a positive impact that goes beyond the workplace.

We are proud to unveil our latest internal awards program that celebrates the women employees of Teleperformance who consistently display transformational leadership: the Teleperformance Worldwide Outstanding Women (WOW) Awards! I am letting Mamta take over to explain what WOW is, and how you can all nominate and participate.

What is WOW?

As part of TP Women’s Board, I am one with Teleperformance in driving a positive change towards equality and empowerment. And I believe that the WOW Awards is a small but great step in empowering our women leading change and women who make a difference.

The WOW Awards recognizes women who excel in their professional lives and in their communities. They support other women towards a common goal of equality, empowerment, and diversity in the workplace.

The WOW Awards has three categories: WOW Award for Work, WOW Award for Community, and WOW Rising Star. Winners of each category will receive a cash prize of 500 USD and a badge of honor. 250 USD will also be awarded to the person who nominated the winners.

  • WOW Award for Work recognizes women based on their contribution to Teleperformance’s business, clients, co-workers, and how their talent and professionalism improved overall business.
  • WOW Award for Community is given to women who are actively involved in making a positive impact on their local communities through participating in CSR initiatives.
  • WOW Rising Star Award recognizes women based on their leadership and ability to inspire fellow women to achieve excellence in and out of the workplace, including mentorship initiatives or raising awareness on women empowerment.

Nomination Process


A nomination process will determine the winners of the WOW Awards. I am proud to be part of the special jury who will determine the winner, together with Mamta and Pilar Forera, Nearshore Chief Operations Officer.

Nominations are registered through self-registrations for those who want to nominate themselves. Individuals can also nominate other women, as many they want.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable success and achievements of the women of Teleperformance. Nominate, or self-nominate, the next winner of the WOW Awards today by clicking here! To learn more details about the nomination or application process, visit the WOW Awards page.

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