Introducing the Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey

Introducing the Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey

Teleperformance - 01.17.2024

The need for transformation initiatives has undoubtedly become greater, with artificial intelligence (AI) playing a significant role in elevating the employee’s satisfaction, increasing operational efficiencies, and creating seamless interactions for customers.

AI’s ability to check, generate, and analyze large amounts of data within seconds is beneficial – companies can then act from the insights gathered from the data, allowing them to take the next step. By enhancing human capability and assisting humans to make informed decisions with speed and accuracy, AI continues to unlock golden opportunities.

AI technology is tapped to create a whole new world of possibilities. Transformation continues to happen at lightning speed, and for many companies – big or small – the challenge is how to adapt and keep pace with the changing, technology-driven landscape to fully capitalize on AI’s potential.

Introducing the AI Maturity Survey from Teleperformance

New technologies often present opportunities to explore – and many challenges to navigate. Implementing AI isn’t as easy as it sounds. With emerging technologies currently fueling the development of AI, automation, and robotic process automation, where do companies even start?

We understand that diving into the vast world of AI isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. As a global digital business services company, Teleperformance is passionate about innovation, always thinking ahead to help companies transform and run better. So, to help companies understand the capabilities necessary to successfully implement AI, we have launched the Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey.

The Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey assesses an organization’s readiness and progress in implementing AI across six key pillars, namely: data readiness and integration, technology infrastructure, talent and expertise, deployment efficacy and adoption success, strategy and culture, and continuous improvement.

“While most of the world's biggest companies have started to integrate AI into their business, there are several obstacles such as siloed data and technology architectures, talent availability and organizational adaptability. The way forward isn't always clear, but those who master it will be able to leverage AI as a strong differentiator," said Sidharth Mukherjee, Chief Digital Officer at Teleperformance, in a press release. "There's tremendous opportunity for companies to benefit from the operational efficiencies, improved employee satisfaction and enhanced customer experience when AI strategies, capabilities and culture are optimized for success." 

Developed by the Teleperformance Digital Team, the Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey is free and can be accessed by all. After filling out the survey, respondents will receive a detailed report that gives a glimpse on their company’s position in their AI journey. A consultation with a Teleperformance AI operations expert will also be provided.

Click here to access the Teleperformance AI Maturity Survey.

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