The Teleperformance Work-at-Home Carbon-Saving Simulator

Introducing: The Teleperformance Work-at-Home Carbon-Saving Simulator

Teleperformance - 09.29.2023

Teleperformance Cloud Campus, our comprehensive remote work model established in 2019, was a major contributor in driving per-employee carbon emission reductions. In 2022, about half of our remote employees saved 55% in carbon emissions, which is equivalent to: 280 passenger vehicles not driven for a year, 2,960 unconsumed barrels of oil, 48,780 incandescent lamps switched to LEDs, or 1,748 football fields full of trees.

Our passion for making the world a better place continues to strengthen. As Citizens of the Planet, Teleperformance is always on a mission to promote environmentally friendly operations, sustainability, and responsible ways to make a difference to the world we live in.

Enter Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home Carbon-Saving Simulator

One of the most vital ways to protect the planet is to reduce overall consumption. By doing so, we are helping the planet lessen the risks of climate change, improve the safety and health of current and upcoming generations, and ensure that everyone has access to clean air, water, and food.

Through the years, Teleperformance has been united with the world in reducing our carbon footprint, making it our responsibility to find more ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We are committed to implementing responsible business practices to protect the planet and become one of the first 100 signatories of the Climate Pledge with a goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. We want to be a company that promotes sustainability and responsible business practices that strive to reduce carbon emissions. Together, we envision a safer and healthier environment with our prospects, partners, and clients – and provide them with the opportunity to improve business results by choosing a flexible and responsible work model.

This being said, Teleperformance has developed a work-at-home carbon-saving simulator that helps quantify the number of savings an organization can have by employing a work-at-home model. The carbon simulator is accredited by the Center for ESG and Sustainability, which validates the reports.

Visit this link to access the carbon simulator. Clients and prospects would only need to select the country and input company details, then fill out the number of Teleperformance workers needed for the project and the percentage of those who will work remotely. Using the information provided, the carbon simulator will provide a report and certification that shows how the Teleperformance Cloud Campus can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and how organizations can benefit from adopting a remote work model with Teleperformance in terms of oil, electricity, trees, and pollution savings. Companies may use this certification to validate efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Join us in protecting the planet by reducing carbon footprint and experience the benefits of Teleperformance Cloud Campus, our award-winning remote work model, listed below:

  • Flexible operations
  • Sustainable operations
  • Improved work-life balance of employees
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Cost-effective models
  • Access to talent in a diverse and dynamic environment
  • Longer-term business agility

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