Introducing the Winners of the WOW Awards!

Introducing the Winners of the WOW Awards!

Teleperformance - 05.22.2023

As advocates for gender equality and women empowerment, we are excited to announce the winners of Teleperformance’s inaugural Worldwide Outstanding Women (WOW) Awards!

Each step towards amplifying the voices of women in the workplace truly makes a difference, and the WOW Awards truly is  an important platform in celebrating and recognizing the many achievements of the women of Teleperformance.

Three incredible women emerged as WOW Awards winners in three categories: WOW Award for Work, WOW Award for Community, and WOW Rising Star Award, recognizing women who display exceptional leadership at work, make an impact on their communities, and show passion for paving the way for other women to excel.

Join us in congratulating Riza Mae Berdigay from Teleperformance in the Philippines, Magda Chumpitaz from Teleperformance in Peru, and Maria Fernanda Ordonez from Teleperformance in Argentina!


Winner Profile

Riza, or RM, contributed to Teleperformance in the Philippines’ growth. Described as one of the cornerstones of her accounts in the Philippines, RM demonstrated her contribution to the program that she supports by showing initiative, enthusiasm, and determination. She is agile,, dependable, takes ownership, and most of all – gets things done. We are truly proud to validate RM’s peak performance – she is this year’s winner of the WOW Award for Work!

Magda is a paramedic at Teleperformance in Peru. She has been a volunteer firefighter, making a difference and saving lives in the last 15 years. She is always the first to respond to emergencies and does so with a calm strength. Magda is defined as someone admirable who selflessly devotes her time doing volunteer work, an excellent person, and a leader in and out of Teleperformance. Magda is our winner of the WOW Award for Community!

Maria, or Fer, is seen as someone who knows how to inspire others with her story. Working at Teleperformance for the last 20 years, Fer is still the same humble and strong woman – a natural leader who can empathize and inspire others to be their best selves. She is a big defender of human rights and supports initiatives that accelerate diversity, equality, and social responsibility, such as TP Women, Citizen of the World, and Citizen of the Planet. Fer is someone who is capable of showing commitment, passion, and dedication to these initiatives that she cares about. For this, Fer emerged as the winner of the WOW Rising Star Award!

Congratulations to RM, Magda, and Fer for leading change and making a positive impact in and out of Teleperformance! We would like to take this opportunity to thank every woman who joined, nominated, and shared their stories with us – you inspired us and made us even more motivated to drive gender equality and empowerment to all women in the workplace.

Together, we can take great strides in recognizing and celebrating the achievement of the women of Teleperformance.

Until the next WOW Awards!



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