Joining an Alumni Network Leads to More Fulfilling Connections

Teleperformance Alumni - 04.13.2022

Companies and educational institutions become memorable to their alumni because of the great experiences they’ve had while in their care. Even after you’ve concluded your vendor partnership or employment, you have been and still are an important member of their community.

Getting involved in your alumni association is an important step that many alumni must take to make the most of the connections and learnings they made with their company. Here are a few important alumni perks when you join an alumni association:

  1. Sense of belonging

It’s always great to be part of a community that understands and supports your vision. At Teleperformance, we believe that once you’ve been a part of our company in any measure, you are integral members of our company. Now, imagine if we could multiply that tenfold across all the Alumni members. There will certainly be an abundance of like-minded ideas and community sharing.

  1. A wider net of business insight and career opportunities

As part of the Alumni network, you receive first-hand insights and career opportunities from Teleperformance, as well as some of the greatest business minds. When you become a member, you can easily access the careers page and see news and updates as they show up on our page.

  1. Exclusive networking

You relate to other Teleperformance Alumni because of similar professional outlook, values, business goals, and more. Because the vast network includes some of the best Teleperformance Alumni partners and employees, you don’t have to worry about making connections that are out of your interests and realm. Having a unified sense of identity allows us to work towards the same networking goals and expertise.

  1. Staying connected

With how fast-paced and digital communication has been in recent years, it’s not easy to find stimulating conversations and make connections that make a difference. Here, you are connected to Teleperformance’s global alumni portal. All members can come online any time, anywhere to read the latest business insights or Teleperformance updates. Find former peers or meet new professionals on the platform. You can also join our LinkedIn group for real-time updates if you aren’t a member yet.

At Teleperformance, we believe that each connection you make matters. Therefore, we are pleased and excited that you joined our Teleperformance Alumni Network. You can now find and share career opportunities, make new connections, and reconnect with old peers. Access a wealth of knowledge you won’t normally find elsewhere!

These exclusive perks are available to all Teleperformance Alumni Network members:

  • One-click access to the best Teleperformance clients and employees
  • Opportunity to connect with industry thought leaders
  • Private trainings from renowned companies and speakers
  • Access to latest thought leadership articles
  • Expert Alumni content and influential industry papers
  • VIP access to Teleperformance Alumni Network events
  • Engaging community exchanges and activities to leverage on new connections
  • More features coming soon

Have you completed your Teleperformance Alumni Network profile? Click here to add your pertinent contact information, so other Alumni can connect with you easily!

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