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Levelling Up: Gamification to Enhance the High-tech, High-touch XP

Ben Kirby - 04.10.2023

The digital age has introduced the gamification experience, and it has truly redefined the way we do, make, say, think, and learn. The flow of information is unstoppable, and thanks to various technologies evolving and advancing, knowledge continues to be brought to us conveniently with just a tap of a finger or a click of a button.

As time passes, the avenues for learning become wider. The COVID-19 pandemic may have had a hand in people’s rejuvenated thirst for learning—perhaps it’s the work-life balance suddenly happening for most individuals working from home, resulting in more time to spend learning a new skill; or perhaps the solitude one had to face as a result of lockdowns, suddenly inspiring a person to take up a new course online, reach for the nearest book, or escape and battle boredom via a video game controller. If one would look back, no one would’ve predicted that learning and playing games would work hand in hand, and that the term “gamification,” coined by British programmer Nick Pelling in 2002, would even exist.


Gamification Experience: Attraction and Reaction


The rise in gaming habits among individuals was evident, especially during the pandemic. According to Nielsen as reported in an article by Financial News Media, 64% of the general population in the USA are gamers. Gaming has also been found to improve emotional well-being. According to our proprietary TP Business Insights Lab Survey, 90% of Millennials and 94% of Gen Zs have played a video game in the last three months compared with 59% of Baby Boomers and 79% of Gen Xers.

In an information-driven world where new skills and knowledge are priceless, learning to adapt—and adapting to learn—has become a must. The collaboration between games and learning is inevitable. With 39% of Millennials and 30% of Gen Zs preferring to continue working from home,  it makes perfect sense for organizations to use gamification as a platform for learning and training.


Games and Learning: Enhancing the High-tech, High-touch XP


At Teleperformance, we recognize the need to create an environment where our employees can thrive, learn, and develop. Through training utilizing a gamification experience, we let our employees tap into their potential, allowing them to aim higher. For us, we see learning as a way to inspire our employees become the best version of themselves—and in order to keep up with the pace of change and to create a positive change, we identified gamification as a crucial element of our learning approach.

To further adapt to the future of learning, Teleperformance consistently uses the best of technology to inspire exceptional learning experiences. We have already implemented gamified learning environments across multiple geographies. Teleperformance’s award-winning “TP Gamificationfocused on gamifying learning content, including gamification in every aspect of employee training and learning. In our latest white paper “Level Up, Game On! Levelling Up Learning Through Gamification,” we explore how gamification is boosting the learning experience and how it works in setting training initiatives and hitting goals in a corporate environment. In addition, the white paper provides a glimpse into the TP Training Lab and TP Gamification, and how Teleperformance’s solutions and integrated customer eperience that utilized gamification helped create success stories for our clients on their quest to improve the customer and employee experience.

Click here to download our free white paper “Level Up, Game On! Levelling Up Learning Through Gamification” today and find out more about our gaming customer services today!

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