Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Egypt

Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Egypt

Marcel Vrieling - 04.24.2024

Egypt's outsourcing sector is vital for advancing the country's economy, offering abundant opportunities for its young population. With over 500,000 graduates annually from over 90 universities and 100 institutes, the country nurtures a diverse talent pool. With over 60,000 schools supporting multiple languages, Egyptians excel in English, French, Arabic, Greek, and German – the country is widely recognized for its linguistic diversity, making it a top-notch location for Teleperformance’s multilingual hubs.

Since its establishment in 2007, our multilingual hub in Egypt has experienced remarkable expansion and success. For over 17 years, Teleperformance in Egypt has focused on innovation and strengthening our commitment to clients and employees, consistently delivering cost-effective solutions. Our client list now includes prominent names in finance, technology, travel, and more recently, sectors like education, pharmaceuticals, and food delivery. Driven by innovation, we combine cutting-edge digital technologies with the power of human touch through our highly skilled professionals.

Teleperformance in Egypt is a catalyst for innovation in customer service solutions, driving cost efficiencies, revenue growth, and heightened customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and service excellence has propelled us to maintain a stellar track record. Powered by a workforce of over 17,000 employees in the country serving 130 markets in more than 20 dialects, our commitment to delivering exceptional services ensures that we continue to help our clients adapt to master the future.

Teleperformance's AI capabilities significantly enhance our operational efficiency across multilingual hubs in Egypt, enabling a seamless user experience regardless of language barriers. Furthermore, utilizing AI-driven analytics in our multilingual hubs provides deep insights into customer preferences as well as their behavior, facilitating the continuous improvement of service delivery and client satisfaction. This positions Teleperformance at the forefront of leveraging technology to bridge the gap between global businesses and their diverse customer bases.

To date, the world’s leading brands have partnered with Teleperformance in Egypt to take advantage of its outsourcing experience, strategic location, and cost-effective business environment. We have helped our clients from various industries achieve significant improvement, such as:

  • Healthcare: Order process improvements led to an increase in fulfilled orders and reduced cancellations, resulting in 6.6 million EUR in client benefits
  • Trust and Safety 958,000 EUR in client benefits delivered through Intelligent Moderator Allocation Tool (IMAT), improving latency and accuracy of content moderation activities to 95%
  • Retail: Deployed robotics solution to issue refunds, leading to9 million EUR in fraud-free, errorless automated refunds processed annually​
  • Insurance: Improvement in sales conversions by 70% leading to additional client revenue of 1.5 million EUR
  • Transformation: Time Tree deployed in 13 accounts for employee productivity enhancements that yielded 3.84 million EUR in client benefits​
  • BFSI: Deployed Lean Six Sigma solution resulting in 7% increase in cross-sales and 2.7 million EUR in annualized cash flow for client​
  • Travel and Hospitality: Switched from 95% voice to 95% non-voice with the delivery of omnichannel experience through TP Client and refund automation with TP Travel​
  • Retail: Implementation of proactive chat to leverage insights and improve sales, resulting in 234,000 EUR in client benefits​

By striving for excellence, our multilingual hub in Egypt has maintained Teleperformance’s reputation as a premier digital business services provider.
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