Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Greece

Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Greece

Marcel Vrieling - 04.08.2024

With its strategic location that connects continents and offers widespread access to international markets, Greece is an ideal hub for investment and trade, making it instrumental to global business expansions. A high quality of life drives its well-educated and highly skilled workforce. The country’s strong connection to culture, heritage, and history makes its environment thrive in creativity and inspiration.

Teleperformance in Greece has helped clients connect better with their customers since 1989, constantly adapting to master the future through digital services that transform businesses for the better and drive growth. We are proud to employ more than 12,000 people in the country, supporting 80 brands across 140 markets. Our multilingual tenure in the country is 20 years, with six hubs providing support in more than 43 languages and dialects.

In Greece, Teleperformance goes beyond traditional outsourcing. Over time, we have helped our partners scale operations through advanced multilingual teams, achieve annualized savings, and unlock value-adding opportunities. We embody our message of “adapt to master the future” by driving transformation and growth, fueled by the latest technologies such as AI, automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Teleperformance continues to invest in improving and expanding our AI-powered service portfolio. Our AI capabilities enable our multilingual hubs to offer personalized, accurate, and efficient service in multiple languages to a diverse global clientele. By integrating AI and analytics, our clients can enhance their operational efficiency and also enrich the customer experience, ensuring that each interaction is handled with unparalleled precision and empathy, regardless of language barriers.

Teleperformance’s multilingual hubs in Greece are positioned to help clients achieve significant scalability, attract excellent talent, and meet the changing needs of customers in today’s fast-paced environment. Our hubs have led to growth in our client base spanning multiple industries. We have transformed and redefined CX strategies, allowing our clients to achieve their business goals simpler, faster, and at a lower cost while enhancing customer interactions.


Teleperformance in Greece delivers services via traditional and digital channels, integrating all business functions. In 2023, the team handled over 4.4M back-office activities, over 2.2M+ inbound and outbound phone calls, 754K+ emails, 569K+ chats, and over 72K in social media interactions.

For example, our client in the global technology sector achieved 150% YOY growth and 83:1 ROI after setting up a multilingual team at Teleperformance in Greece to cover emerging markets in Central and Western Europe in 24 languages from a single hub, reducing the required workforce to cover the market scope with in-country solutions. Furthermore, we deployed advanced training and campaign management to help the client implement sales campaigns faster.


Another example is our partnership with a video streaming company, which began in 2019. Over the years, as the relationship has strengthened, the scope has expanded to support customers and back-office activities in 12 languages. This includes resolving account-related and payment issues, technical troubleshooting, and managing legal and sensitive cases. As our client's subscriber base grew along with the complexity of managing in-house CX support processes across different LOBs, the Teleperformance team in Greece took over 360° WFM  and implemented QA-as-a-Service to generate accurate forecasting models, capacity planning, and scheduling. This also involved real-time management to ensure schedule adherence and KPI achievement, customized QA practices, and applied Six Sigma methodology. The results? 20% First Contact Resolution improvement and 16% optimization in cost of ownership.

By striving for excellence, our multilingual hubs in Greece have maintained Teleperformance’s reputation as a premier digital business services provider. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve success!

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