Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Portugal

Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Portugal

Marcel Vrieling - 05.22.2024

Thanks to its strategic location, great talent, and regulatory framework, Portugal continues to be one of the most competitive nearshore outsourcing destinations.

Dubbed the “new Silicon Valley,” Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, is gradually becoming the world’s largest digital community. The city’s quality of life attracts the region’s top minds and startups – in 2022, Lisbon started its goal of cultivating startups valued at over 1 billion EUR. In less than a year, the capital has attracted startups from the United States, China, Brazil, and India and built new infrastructure. Portugal’s workforce also consists of the second-highest rate of engineering graduates in the European Union, with around 90,000 students graduating each year.  The country is accessible from Europe, Africa, and the Americas, thus being considered an ideal location for companies looking to expand their business globally. 

Since 1994, Teleperformance has become a leading outsourcing provider in Portugal. With over 14,000 employees providing service in 37 languages, our operations in Portugal have positioned itself as the largest multilingual hub and a Center of Excellence in Europe. Teleperformance’s multilingual hub in Portugal had a total volume of 221 million interactions in the year 2023, with 100 million digital[1] and 120 million voice interactions – 46% Digital and 45% Voice.

Teleperformance's AI capabilities are housed within state-of-the-art multilingual hubs in Portugal. By leveraging advanced natural language processing algorithms, Teleperformance is able to offer seamless, real-time translation and localization services across a multitude of languages and dialects. This capability ensures that communication barriers are effectively dismantled, enabling brands to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences worldwide. Furthermore, the integration of AI into our hubs enhances operational efficiencies, optimizing response times and accuracy in customer engagements.

As a Center of Excellence, our multilingual hub also serves as a launchpad of new initiatives driven by new AI-enhanced tools, with a local team of process reengineering experts capable of analyzing and defining the roadmap for transformation with the associated ROI analysis.

Offering services for the world’s most recognized brands in various industries, Teleperformance in Portugal’s suite of digital services includes B2C and B2B sales and Trust and Safety services, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for our clients' platforms and customers.

Technology is part of Teleperformance Portugal’s DNA. Through our high-tech, high-touch approach, we can leverage the latest technology and balance it with the human touch and empathy to solve complex problems, transform businesses, and improve efficiency for clients. For a medical device company based in the United States, we combined omnichannel solutions with Automation/RPA to manage patients’ orders. We leveraged our multilingual Center of Excellence for 10 markets, to receive, configure, troubleshoot, and handle patient orders effectively and efficiently through automation. Proprietary tools such as TP Client were also implemented for the client, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity in centralizing patient history, and storing prescriptions. An RPA platform was deployed to automate the order processing cycle, improving service productivity and customer satisfaction while lowering the TCO. The results? 64% lower headcount dedicated to order entry, 80% reduction in average handling time, and 100% elimination of errors.

By striving for excellence, our multilingual hub in Portugal has maintained Teleperformance’s reputation as a premier digital business services provider.
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[1] Incorporated content moderation in digital


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