Make the Most of Your Professional Networking Opportunities

Make the Most of Your Professional Networking Opportunities

Teleperformance Alumni - 04.13.2022

In a digital-first landscape, connecting with people online has its pros and cons. It is easier to reach people across the globe with instant messaging. However, most of these connections become tedious and superficial. How do you ensure that each connection you have is worthwhile to enrich? The answer is joining a global professional network.

We want you to make the best out of the Teleperformance Alumni Network offerings. Check out these tips on how to maximize every visit:

  1. Explore all features of the platform

We encourage you to get to know the portal. Each visit will be more and more enjoyable when you already feel at home. You can contact us for assistance, questions, and concerns.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated

If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to the Teleperformance Alumni Network newsletter. You get the latest updates, events, and insights right in your inbox! Be the first to register for events and share industry reports with your peers.

  1. Reach out for opportunities

Make the first move to connect with fellow Alumni members. Once you start the conversations going, the insights and opportunities will surely flow. Our platform makes it easier for you to contact them through their preferred channels. Watch for new communication tools we’ll be adding to the portal soon!

  1. Share posts and insights

Sharing is caring. Though our exclusive content can only be accessed within our portal, sharing the content — from our LinkedIn page and portal — can attract the interest of other like-minded business professionals. When you connect your network with our content, you’ll encourage other TP Alumni to sign up, too.

  1. Attend and participate in exclusive events

Exclusive events are a great way to meet other Alumni. We’ll make it easier for you to find details, RSVP, and attend these events on our portal. Listen to influential speakers and use what you learn as conversation starters with other members. We recommend that you also engage with the speaker if there are Q&A portions to further enrich your knowledge.

  1. Join our LinkedIn group

Increase your networking reach when you join our Teleperformance Alumni group on LinkedIn. You’ll see our real-time Alumni updates and instantly connect with other members. You can also share relevant and insightful articles to the group that your fellow members would appreciate.


  1. Read the community guidelines

We want to ensure that every member feels safe and responsible within our community. Be sure to read and understand the community guidelines for everyone’s safety and continuous enjoyment.

Have you completed your Teleperformance Alumni Network profile? Click here to add your pertinent contact information, so other Alumni can connect with you easily!

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