Offering an Employment Oasis for First-Time Workers

Teleperformance - 12.14.2021

Teleperformance is made of a rich tapestry of stories. Our people’s stories define our organizational growth for over four decades. They are the rock-solid foundation of what is now known as a Great Place to Work in 60 different countries.

As interaction experts, we know that great starts tend to develop into great stories. That is why we make sure to always welcome our people with enthusiasm and joy. This is especially important for young people who chose Teleperformance as the starting point of their professional journey. We think about how their first work experience impacts their future.

If we step into their shoes, we know how difficult it is to imagine where our first job will take us. It could be a temporary job for some, but a growing a career for others. Therefore, giving young people their first job is something we take seriously that no matter how long their stay with us is, we want to ensure we have helped them achieve their full potential as professionals and citizens.

Why should organizations hire people with no work experience? At Teleperformance, we believe that skills can be taught, but character cannot. So, from day one, we hire based on character, willingness to learn, passion, and commitment. Then, we focus on providing them with training and mentorship, giving them a chance to perform and get promoted to higher positions. Our people are pivotal in helping us build the right organizational culture and business ethics, bringing communities and cultures together, one generation after another.

In 2020 alone, Teleperformance welcomed 85,000 people for their first job experience as interaction experts. Daily, we strive to provide them with a nurturing environment, as well as dedicated programs for employee engagement, well-being, diversity and inclusion, human rights, training and development, and health and safety. This is why we became a Great Place to Work for over 90% of our global workforce.


Advocates for Change


From call center interaction experts to thought leaders, the protagonists of the following stories were once absolute beginners, bringing their energy, diversity, and fresh perspectives to the often grayish corporate world of the early 2,000s and 2010s. What they have in common is the positive impact they have had on their peers, ultimately inspiring them to follow in their footsteps. But don’t take our word for it.

Having finished her studies in Paris, Charlotte Foucteau started working at Teleperformance as a French-speaking call center interaction expert in 2007. She then progressed to the supervisor, assistant manager, and call center manager level, until she became the VP of Teleperformance Greece. Here, she highlights her positive experience from day one:

“I had a lovely experience in the recruitment, made some testing with a lot of smiling people that were just embracing the diversity. Going back then, I would just go for it again and again.”

Moahmed Amir Bouchami has been with Teleperformance in Tunisia since 2004, and he remembers the pleasant and warm atmosphere on his first day at work. He started working at TP as an agent without any work experience. Still, he found many possibilities to progress in his career, eventually becoming a product trainer:

“Even today, it continues to offer a career opportunity to everyone. Teleperformance has gone from a temporary job to a promising career. It has also gone from a company that acts in terms of profit to a company whose motto is the commitment to its employees.”

Sónia Saúde joined Teleperformance in Portugal in 2006, also as a call center interaction expert. She went through the JUMP Program, then became a first line manager, until she was promoted into an ACM. She only has one enthusiastic thing to say:

“I’m proud to say I’m still on my first job!”

These Advocates for Change are one of a kind. They all started at Teleperformance while they were very young, making Teleperformance part of their family and their second home. Our unique focus on people is part of our DNA. We believe our employees are crucial to our success. That is why we are also committed to being an employer of choice for people’s first jobs!

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