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On Fostering Trust and Togetherness, Despite Distance

Teleperformance - 12.23.2022

The evolution of the workplace continues to reach new heights, with many technologies fortifying the capabilities of remote work. While it’s easy to be excited for the future of work, one must never forget a core component in truly making a work-from-home model achieve success: fostering trust and togetherness between teams, despite the distance.

We know that building trust, in and out of the workplace, doesn’t happen overnight. In today’s remote work environment, it’s even more challenging to invite trust and harmony – there’s difficulty in forming real connections in a virtual setup, when others may perceive “virtual” to be “artificial.”

There is no official playbook on how to establish real connections. However, there are ways to invite trust, which can allow teams to thrive in a work environment where unity and togetherness are achieved, nurtured, and given. Here are eight important points for the evolution of the workplace to keep in mind:

  • Instill integrity
  • Be visible and accessible
  • Allow flexibility and room for growth
  • Let others lead
  • Encourage communication and openness
  • Accountability is key!
  • Keep your word
  • Find time for teams to engage and bond with one another

Together with Our Employees

As a company that has its employees at the core of everything we do, Teleperformance strives to create engaging experiences for our people. We have shaped a work culture and an evolution of the workplace that embraces unity, respect, and trust. Whether working in the office or at home, we are committed to cultivating trust and togetherness among our teams.



“At Teleperformance, with the best supporting team, technology, and communication tools – you’ll never walk alone.” – Ka Mei V., Malaysia

To overcome distance in today’s new work environment, our award-winning remote work model Cloud Campus constantly keeps remote teams engaged and connected through centralized hubs that use the latest video technology. Employees can connect to their teams through the Cloud Campus hubs to communicate and collaborate with one another.


“I feel that I am part of a united team, with the constant communication and training I have with my colleagues and supervisors.” – David R., Cloud Campus Portugal

Supported by Teleperformance Cloud Campus, we continue to empower and support work-at-home teams by providing the right tools, processes, technologies, and the best practices for building and engaging high-performing remote teams.


“Working from home would never be such pleasant experience without Cloud Campus. Team communication becomes ten times faster. It improves our performance to the finest!” – Ulrich N., Vietnam

Building Trust Doesn’t Mean Neglecting Fun

With all that’s happening in the world today, it’s often easy to forget about the importance of having fun and taking the time to truly establish trust with one another. As we slowly embrace face-to-face interactions once again, have a moment to create meaningful interactions with your teams through simple gatherings and the evolution of the workplace! Our teams in Portugal already had a night to remember, thanks to their year-end party that celebrated togetherness, strengthened trust, and more importantly – brought out the fun to our employees.

Vibes and people
Together we vibe


Trust steers us forward, and togetherness keeps us strong. As a final note, may we all remember that human connections are powerful, and they keep us afloat in this oftentimes unpredictable world.

Build harmony and inspire trust within your work-at-home teams. Learn more about the Teleperformance Cloud Campus today!

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