Optimizing the Remote Work Environment through Award-winning Smartshoring Services

Optimizing the Remote Work Environment through Award-winning Smartshoring Services

Teleperformance - 08.21.2023

As a global leader, Teleperformance has evolved with the changing times. We are committed to helping our clients adapt to change and master the future. With this in mind, we continue to view remote work as a fundamental element in today’s workplace, and we strive to harness its capabilities as it continuously reshapes the future of work.

Cloud Campus, Teleperformance’s remote work program, supports work-at-home teams globally by providing the right tools, processes, technologies, and the best practices for building and engaging high-performing work-at-home teams. Through Cloud Campus, we are able to unleash the capabilities of remote work that bring a myriad of benefits to both companies, clients, and our employees worldwide. At the heart of it all, our high-tech, high-touch approach ensures that we blend the best technology with the empathy and skills of our people, resulting in a flexible, resilient, and agile smartshoring delivery model. At present, approximately half of Teleperformance’s 410,000 employees work remotely across the globe. Our work-from-home teams offer services in more than 300 languages and dialects to customers in 170 countries.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Teleperformance has been recognized as the Best Remote Agent Customer Care Program in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. This marks our second consecutive recognition from the prestigious ContactCenterWorld, being recognized once again for our unique Cloud Campus remote work program that fully optimizes and enhances the remote working environment.

In a press release, Fabio Luis, Global Lead for Cloud Campus at Teleperformance commented: “We are pleased to once again be recognized for our unique Cloud Campus remote work model that helps organizations attract talent and provide agility, resilience, and improved business performance. With Cloud Campus, we’ve leveraged technology to digitalize and streamline many of the daily management practices and back-office tasks that are associated with customer care agent training and support. What’s more, through this digitalization, we’re also setting the stage for our clients to integrate future emerging technologies more nimbly into their customer care models.”

This award from ContactCenterWorld truly solidifies our position as a global leader in remote agent customer care programs and recognizes our technology-driven smartshoring services that boost the remote work environment and help attract talent.

We congratulate our Cloud Campus teams all over the world for another win! Together, we are #ProudtobeTP.


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